Anybody know about Insulclock pen attachment and app?

The device attaches to the pen dose dial and wirelessly connects to a smart phone app. The company is in Spain. I think we in the the US are blocked from accessing the store. The link is supposed to be in the upper right, nada.

InsulCloud, based in Spain, created a product called InsulClock. This is an attachment currently used with the KwikPen, although the company plans to make it available for several major insulin pens, including the Flextouch, Flexpen, and SoloStar. Unlike the caps, this attachment snaps on to the back of the insulin pen and logs how much insulin is administered on an app available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. Similar to the other apps and devices, the platform shows the type, time, and quantity of insulin administered and can provide users with reminders. The app also reports any temperature fluctuations and allows users to store their food or blood glucose data (23) (Table 4).

That sounds similar to InPen, which has been acquired by Medtronic.

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The difference is this device snaps on disposable pens like Kwikpen and SoloStar. Makes a dumb pen smart.

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