InPen, Smart Insulin Delivery

InPen is an innovative Bluetooth® connected smart insulin pen system for MDI users that does most of what an insulin pump does for those that pump.

InPen combines a health management app with a Bluetooth® enabled pen injector to simplify the constant tracking and calculating required for insulin therapy. InPen tracks active insulin, recommends doses, and reminds users when to take insulin. Data can be downloaded for review.

InPen is now available for IPhone users in the United States with plans to offer an Android version soon. They are currently accepting no-obligation reservations for InPen at
By filling out the form on that page, you’ll receive information on how to check your insurance coverage and complete your reservation.

There is a Companion Medical representative available to answer questions about this new insulin delivery system. Please ask any and all questions you may have.

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Hey, is that you Megan? Glad to see you sharing here too!

I am a pump user but I can see the value of this system. One of the best parts about pumping is the bolus wizard and insulin tracking a pump provides. If I’m reading this correctly the InPen has those capabilities.

I have a question for the the sake of Android phone users. When is an Android version expected?

Hi, @Eric2! Sure is, thanks for the recommendation!

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Hi, Gary. Yes, InPen does offer a dose calculator and insulin tracking. We expect an Android version to be available later in the year.


It’s good to see technological advancement. Thanks for the info.

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When I took a brief pump vacation a few years ago, remembering if/when I took my last dose was a problem more often than I’d like to admit. This technology looks wonderful for MDI users.