Anybody use medicinal marijuana?

i’ve noticed that some types bring down m blood sugar and some types bring it up but its not bad for it as far as i’m concerned…Just had ta put that out there.

There have been some posts in the past that specifically dealt with this topic. Please see hereunder the link:

I have not notice it really change my numbers

They say “To each his own…” but I would never try it. I have enough trouble balancing the complex formula of carbs, diet, insulin, symlin, and exercise. And at 50 yrs old, I’m at the stage where you really feel your mortality - I’m gonna’ do all I can to live forever so to speak.

I am a bit jealous though. Anything that might bring my stress level down would be awesome. But how do you deal with the munchies?

I have never had Medical Marijuana But in the 90’s I did a study of my own over a 3 month period. I didn’t use any insulin over the 3 months and only smoked weed to control my sugar levels. After the 3 months I came up with the conclusion that the Higher the THC content the more it decreased my sugar levels. I could smoke a joint of really good quality smoke, and it could lower my sugar from 380 to nearly 90 in less than an hour. It is due to this that I concluded that THC actually lowers the sugar level even in non-diabetics and that is why we get the “Munchies”

th munchies…take alotta shots and count the carbs as best i can in my stoned state

type 1 for lots of years pot smoker for almost as many years. now I smoke it for gastroparesis. masks the symptoms, some times more than others. not a cure but it helps, something sort of anti-social about vomitting. don’t get the munchies, I do remember getting them and it could be a problem. Smoking the chronic these days, different than seedy 20$ four finger bags of commercial mexican. would not dream of trying to use herb instead of insulin and my meter says it makes no difference in my BGs

I’ve read an article that marijuana can stabilize blood sugar, help relieve muscle cramps and the pain of gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. Helps calm diabetic “restless leg syndrome” (RLS), so the patient can sleep better and may help quell some of the arterial inflammation common in diabetes. And one of the strains that is reccomended for person with diabetes is green crack from []

The Mayo used to list that pot could decrease BG. But, I think they removed that after it was posted on Tu in a discussion. I think it decreases BG, at least in the short term. I think it causes me to run low. Sometimes, in the past, I have smoked when I felt really sick from running high. Decreased nausea and PMS symptoms. Never tried medical. They prescribing it for everything in MN. I have my doubts about its efficacy for most conditions. I think its a fad. A psychiatrist recommended to a friend of mine with bipolar disorder this week to help combat anxiety. I am super worried that its not worth the risk that bipolar disorder symptoms might trigger. WAY to high risk for him.

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