Diabetes and pot?

I’ve been really enjoying starting discussions on here, this is really nice :slight_smile: I figured, since it’s legal in a few places now and people are more open about it, I’d start a discussion on Marijuana and diabetes. Do any of you other diabetics smoke it or vape oil like I do? And do you find that it helps with anything? I think it mostly just calms my nerves and helps with the random aches and pains I have all the time. I swear one time I ate a piece of medicated cake without taking a shot and my bg went down instead of up lol

I smoke it, I haven't found that it helps with anything but I enjoy being high.

I've read that it's supposed to be effective treatment for neuropathy however I haven't got neuropathy so I wouldn't be able to report on that.

I don't recall ever seeing reports that MJ lowers one's BG so if you ate cake without bolusing, I'd suspect your basals are a bit hot or you had some IOB or something like that.

I think the Mayo lists a side effect as lowered BG, but let me verify...yep, here it is. Side effects at bottom of page relate to BG

leah, best. answer. ever. lmao. in complete agreement.
i dont think it makes ANYTHING better. i am a paranoid android with it sometimes, but it is soooo nice once in a while.

I wonder if the lowered blood sugar is the actual cause of getting the "munchies".

I have been thinking about trying it for neuropathy pain and other pain but I won't smoke it since any type of smoke damages your lungs. For nauseau smoking it is supposed to be the most effective. I never liked the feeling of the pot "high" which felt like anxiety and paranoia to me for the most part, along with a few giggles and munchies. So I would like it to have the high factor removed. If it helps my neuropathy pain I would consider eating it, at this point it's not legal in my state and the only place to get the high free pot is Colorado as far as I know.

Another worry is low bg, if it drops me too low I wouldn't use it.

It definitely doesn't raise BG I find that I usually have very stable Blood Sugars when using it. I enjoy being high when that High is not a reference to my Blood Sugar levels. In a comparison to alcohol it is a way safer drug or plant rather, since it has not been proven to cure any diseases/disorders by the FDA.

It's a way better pain reliever than Aspirin/Ibuprofen imho. I tried to ask my CDE about her thoughts on it and she pretty much dodged the question saying she couldn't really make a comment on it since it was still illegal. In New York state medical marijuana is now allowed on the condition that it not be smoked. Vaporizers are one of the safest methods of use because of the ability to titrate the dose. Too bad the US Government and FDA continues to lie to it's citizens and the rest of the world about Marijuana and locks up non-violent offenders.

Anyone who was smart enough to read and reply to this discussion and cares about re legalizing marijuana and hemp or cares about the issues check out the following Independent Films
"The Hemp Solution" - Sol Ramana-Clarke | www.thehempsolution.com.au
"Waiting to Inhale" - Jed Riffe | www.imdb.com/title/tt1603454/

To get involved in decriminalization efforts check out the following sites/groups.
www.norml.org National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws
www.ssdp.org Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Feel free to pm me if you want more info. Now I have to do some intense study on my BG sensitivity to weed BD

In California, pot is legal with a "doctor's recommendation". Very simple to get, check Craigslist for doctors who provide such service. I started using it again (did so a lot in college) as a means of an anti-inflammatory. There are strains available that are low THC, high CBD. Short story, bad hip, arthritis. An orthopedic doc. previously prescribed up to seven Aleve per day (label says one in the AM and one in the PM). Seven is a "therapeutic dose", doc says. After 30-days of the higher dose of Aleve my muscle toned body took a 180! Muscles seemed to be drooping now, losing tone. Quite astonished, I quit the Aleve immediately after realizing the correlation. The low dose THC seems to have same effect as the Aleve with little high. Similar to sipping some wine, in my opinion.

I do smoke, only before bed - gives me the best sleep - also use for pain - much safer, according to my doctor - then the pain meds which are subscribed and used less than prescribed. It has been advised that there is little to no chance of overdosing. I hate smoking this but have not found any other option, because of little attempt at researching and knowing where to purchase other options. It has not dropped my sugars. Avoid the "munchies" by going to sleep after smoking. Thanks to family members as have no way of knowing how to purchase. This is what makes me so mad, truly infuriates. It does help with pain and as stated, helps tremendously with sleep. Why would the government work so diligently on keeping this from me?

I smoked daily from ages 21-24, only quit 2 weeks ago. It's all about control. I had terrible control over the munchies and that was my downfall. Higher blood sugars overall, and my eating habits changed, I would not eat breakfast on time because I could not gather an appetite without smoking. Aside from that though it was a welcome part of my life. Definitely calms my nerves, I am a miserable angry chap without it.