Marijuana and Diabetes

I am T1 diabetic and using marijuana make me feel better, whether I am having extreme highs or extreme lows, it simply works. Anyone have any feedback?

I'm not fond of extreme highs or lows. Does it make you oblivious to the potential problems of unstable blood sugar?

No, it doesn’t make me oblivious to anything, it is just soothing.

but it doesn't affect your sugars... well except if you get the munchies ;)

lol go for it.whatever works for you. but im pretty sure thats what "weed" does!!smoke enough and you will feel good about anything! good luck

i have a wee toot now and again and it does the same as it did before being diabetic. i agree, def soothes, or, when in the right company its great for a laugh. i snack on nuts and cucumbers and red peppers when i do it. big difference to the enormous amount 0f chocolate i used to munch out on....

I am a chilkd of the 60's 70's remember being high on pot and LSD at a Parliament Funkadelic( YOU know them,acid) concert. Believed that George Clinton and the Mothership Connection had come to get me..but I was low blood glucose wise myself. My boyfriend recognized it and brought me a coke to sip. I was ranting and raving and high and low at the same time, with all of my 5'10"frame was curled up in the boyfriend's lap for "protection".The people around us were high, as well; put scared of and for me..So NEVER did drugs again, trying to be cool and like everybody else. I was young and irrational. No , not ever again.I do not like to be out of control.Diabetes wise or emotionally.

God bless,

child of the sixties? you look young and pretty from your pictures

I love to get out of control but, w/ these kids around, well, I have to behave myself. Although I think I'm gonna go see Ministry on Friday. Maybe not quite as crazy as George Clinton, and I doubt we'll stumble across any acid but well, one can hope...I'll be fine, I have a CGM!

Sorry, but drug or food that has an affect on mental/physical states has an affect on blood sugars. Be it marijuana, alcohol, even perscription stuff. They all affect the levels of glucose and the metabolism of sugars in your blood stream. Not that it's a bad effect, or cannot be controlled, it can be controlled. I'd recommend keeping away from the highs and lows and going for whatever makes you feel even better along with good control. More of a win/win IMHO.

Somewhat more of a 70's teen: I graduated from High school in 1972, Stevie. Thanks for the comopliment.

God Bless,

In addition to db, I have very severe restless leg syndrome. Several of the online forums report people getting relief from symptoms by using marijuana. I asked both my pcp and nephrologist if it would be okay, and they had no objections.
My psychiatrist, however, said, NO! Almost four years ago i had emergency cancer surgery with post-op complications causing respiratory, heart and renal failure. I was unconscious for 3 weeks and in the hospital for 4 months. I miraculously recovered from everything, except ever since I had experienced "depersonalization disorder" where I feel that nothing is real and that I'm out of my body. The shrink said that canabis would totally increase these feelings so it would be a bad choice for me.
Are there any other pwd's in your area that you could form a meet up group with? That's what's helped me, tremendously.
DB is a freakin' long hard road to travel and burnout comes easily. But, some days are better than others and nothing, not even tough times, last forever.
My best to you in the coming days.