Anybody want to trade strips?

I am bummed that my insurance ONLY covers OneTouch test strips. I have an Accu-Chek Compact Plus and LOVE the simplicity of it, but i have to pay out of pocket for strips. I also have a freestyle lite meter that I can’t use because again, I can’t afford to pay out of pocket for strips.

Is anybody in an equal but opposite position? Anybody want to trade for some OneTouch Ultra test strips? I have TONS of them and can order more if you want to trade a large amount!!!

Please let me know!!! thanks!!!

Really, no takers? :frowning: I’m willing to trade a few hundred brand new strips!

I wish I could offer to help, but I can’t. I just can’t believe your insurance won’t cover it at all! I know for awhile that my insurance had some deal going on with Bayer, as that was the only company they would let you pay formulary on. They tried to promote it and say how great the Bayer brand was, and that they would even give you a “free” meter. Wow, like I already have five meters sitting in my cupboard that were all free. I wanted to use my One Touch, which my doctor had the software for, so I dug in my heels, gritted my teeth, and paid the nonformulary price, which was double the copay. Enough people must have done the same, as they no pay formulary for all brands. Have you filed a complaint with your insurance?