Anyone aware of a 2 1/2 inch belt clip?

Hi there,

First post for me, as my TSlim is still on order, switching over from my second Animas Ping to get a 300u reservoir. Insulin needs have gone up as I approach 40. I have a Dexcom G4 as well, and am really tired of the hype and waiting on Animas to combine them. I've waited this long, and I think Tandem will get there soon.

Is anyone aware of a larger belt clip/case for the pump? I've searched the archives and can't find anything specific. I am a Deputy Sheriff and wear my pump buried amongst my other goodies on my duty belt, and a larger clip makes things fit so much better. The Animas clip works fairly well, but breaks off about once a year as the belt is a touch too wide, and it's not built very rugged.


It will come with a clip case but for me it was too bulky for my liking. I just went to the dollar store and looked in their phone case area for one it would fit into. all of about $5 to find a variety.
Also when you get your pump training, the rep will more than likely give you one too.
I tend to use spibelts, or inside vest pockets as well.

I personally like the t:holsterâ„¢ Leatherette Case. I ordered it since the t:wallet I wanted was on back order. It has a very strong belt clip. I wasn't sure I would like it but I LUV it!. Go to the Tandem website and see if that might work for you...its under accessories. Good luck!