New (?) t:holster clip for the t:slim X2 pump case

I saw a 40 second video on YouTube about a new clip for the t:slim X2 insulin pump case. Can anyone point towards some sort of useful review information about it?

I decided not to include a link to the YouTube vid because I thought it was horrible. I didn’t feel I learned anything about this new clip or what it would be like to use it from watching the swiftly changing series of glimpses the video consisted of. :disappointed:

I have it. It gets bent easily. I regularly remove it and bend it back and reinstall it. Otherwise it doesn’t hold well and falls off etc.

I’ve complained to Tandem for a few years now about their clips. They don’t hold onto whatever you try to clip it to (typically my belts). Last year, one of their tech support people told me that they’ve received a lot of complaints about their clips. She recommended trying their revised stainless steel clip that has a rubber pad attached to the inside of the clip that’s supposed to help it grab whatever you clip it to. I ordered it in the hope that I’d finally get something that works,

Sadly, it doesn’t perform well. The metal is thinner than the previous one. It does have a rubber pad attached on the inside. What causes it to perform poorly is the fact that the metal is too lightweight. As soon as you start to use it, the metal spreads open slightly, making the grip looser. When that happens, it will slide off of whatever you clip it to. Of course, you can squeeze it together and make the grip a little tighter, however, it will loosen the grip as soon as you start using it again. I went back to using small cell phone cases (pics attached) for the older flip phones. These small phone cases do the job and they have decent metal clips on the back that don’t lose their grip It’s too bad that Tandem isn’t willing to provide something that works! Cell phone case-front_1-24-21 Cell phone case-back_1-24-21

In hindsight, I should have just frowned :frowning_face: & posted the link to the vid below. The date the video was uploaded is last Wednesday, Inauguration Day 2021.

The clip with the rubberized back was included with the Tandem t:slim x2 I received at the end of November, 2020. But that clip does not appear to be what is in this video. My impression is that this clip is made of some flavor of black plastic, not metal. :confused:

However, I was not able to find this new “t:holster clip” in Tandem’s web store. It’s completely possible that it is there & I simply missed it. But that is also why I decided to create this thread to ask about it.

However, I should have made it clear in my original post that this clip appears to be different from the previous metal clips. But I have no details. That’s why I am asking.

Ooops. I did miss it. The link to this newer plastic holster & clip in the Tandem store is below. :blush: I was wrong in calling it a clip. It is not a clip but a new holster according the store description.

This t:holster is a plastic case with 360-degree rotating clip that provides flexibility to wear the case vertically or horizontally.

OK John, this holster looks like it will be functional, even though it looks like it is made of plastic. Tandem used to have a similar belt clip on their cases. After a while, the whole clip used to break away from the case body. Tandem used to replace them but they ended up doing free replacements often because they weren’t durable. Then they came up with the first stainless steel clip which used heavy duty metal, held its shape, but was polished and smooth, so it slipped off whatever you clipped it to.

Thanks for calling attention to this new one. I’m going to try it.

I already tried the version of this which used to come with Medtronic pumps. As you mentioned, the clip would eventually separate from the case.

So I’ll probably pass on this case. So far I’ve been content enough with Tandem’s metal clip. I’ll keep using that unless/until my experience with it changes. :man_shrugging:

I winder if you might google “Leather belt case” or “western leather phone holster” and see what pops up. These need to be durable, so I’m feeling leather.
You want something a firefighter might wear on their belt into a house fighter - durable.

However, if you have any local “leather workshops.” That’s where I would go to get something custom made. I have thought about going into their workshops and making one myself, but with covid, they might be able to produce one for you, handmade.