New tandem clip


Has anyone tried the new Tandem belt clip that they came out with?

How much of an improvement is it over the old one?


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I’ve seen it mentioned on Facebook a lot. General opinion seems to be that’s it grips better than the previous clip, but it’s still not perfect. Not exactly worth spending more money on it.

You can but a Nite Ize clip on Amazon for less, like $7 usually, but does seem to go up inexplicably sometimes. Either stick it straight to the pump or the case, your choice. It’s an awesome clip that never slips.

The other possible hack is to stick a piece of Velcro to the inside of the existing Tandem clip. Just the soft side, as the hook side will snag and wear your clothes down. It adds enough bulk and friction inside the clip to prevent slippage. It’s also a stupid cheap fix. You can a whole long strip at the Dollar store (either the craft aisle or the hardware aisle), if you don’t already have a piece in the junk drawer.

Another FYI, I use E6000 glue to fasten things semi-permanently to the pump. I was a little afraid to try it at first, in case the glue permanently marred the pump, but it’s turned to be the absolute perfect choice. It’s a semi-permanent glue with just a little flex to it. The clip or velcro won’t budge at all, but can be pried off if you need to exchange your pump. I just had to do this last night with a warranty replacement. Slid a paring knife between the clip and case, and it popped right off. I cought easily rub the glue debris off and reapply the clip to the new pump. Just keep the glue clear of the little air holes above the CE mark (near the charging port).

Thanks. I would probably just glue it to the case, not the pump itself, as I always have the case on. The only thing I don’t like about the original clip (other than it being a bit weak), is that it comes out of the case way too easily.

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Also when you say it’s been mentioned on Facebook a lot, which groups specifically? I’d like to join a couple.

These are the two I belong to:

But be forwarded, the quality of discussion is not the same as you’ll find here. It’s mostly people mad at the pump because they haven’t a clue how to manage their diabetes and adjust their own settings, and have zero initiative to try and learn. They mostly mad the pump doesn’t have magical abilities to make them gluco-normal, and need a FULL closed loop pump… Which doesn’t exist quite yet. I have to walk away from them often because these groups are mostly an exercise in “the lowest common denominator” for which pumps have to be designed. I only get sucked back in when something interesting pops up in my feed.

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I have that new style clip. It was good for a month then is started to bend and there is no way to unbend it. So now it is useless. However once installed in the case I can’t get it off.

Lovely…sigh I really miss Animas. They had great clips. Wish they were still around. Why can’t you get it off? Looks like the same crappy method they used with the original to mount it on the case.

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It won’t come off. I tried but stopped before it broke

I got this clip with my pump back in July. For me it works fine, I haven’t had any issues with it and was surprised how sturdy it was because my expectations were so low due to complaints (which i believe is with the old clip) online. The clip hasn’t gone loose (yet).

Ah! there is something you have to press, I had to google it because I too couldn’t get it off when i wanted to change orientation.

Huh. Thanks, for getting me to Google around about this. I had not realized that the clip can be used either horizontally or vertically. For what it’s worth, I was able to easily use my fingernail to lift the tab and remove the clip.

When will Tandem wake up and redesign the case placing the horizontal clip position on the opposite side? That way with the pump clipped to your belt the pump writing would be in the correct orientation to be read properly and safely.

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I got mine off but it can’t seem to bend it enough to make a difference… it is still very loose

Just cut a piece of velcro loop and glue it on the one you have. It will stick to clothing pretty good.