Belt clip


Have any of you had trouble getting your belt clip to stay attached to your pump? I have two and can't get either one to stay anymore.


I have not had any trouble with it staying attached. I did recently have another problem with a clip however. While my concern was not particularly well handled initially, I did manage to have the issue reviewed at a higher level, and the Animas reponse was excellent - far beyond what I would have expected. At senior levels, Animas really is very customer focused. I would suggest that you call Animas customer service and tell them specifically that you are having an issue with your pump clip. I think they have been sensitized to the issue, and I would expect them to do thier best to assist you. If you do contact them, please post the results of your coversation here. I would be interested to see how they respond. Good luck!

The clip is designed to slip right in and “click” in. I’ve had 3 clips where the ears wore out from use and Animas replaced them within thier warrenty period. I used to think this wear was a design defect, but it’s better to have a $20 clip wear out then the housing of the pump.

I think you are right about the clip wearing vs. the housing breaking. I talked to a rep that said their clips used to be much more sturdy (you can see it is held on with plastic vs metal) but the housing was breaking on the pump. They decided to go with the more breakable clip to save time and aggravation with replacing the whole pump. If you have a DM ed center close you can always see if their rep has left extra clips.

Thanks you for all the info. I called animas and ordered two more. They were very nice and said the parts on the clip just wear out. I guess I should have noticed but the parts seemed pretty tough.

Thanks again.

Did you have to pay for your new clips? The clip wears out all the time on my daughters pump and it’s irritating. Just wondered.

My Animas clip so far has lasted me about 8 months. But when I was on Minimed's pump the clips also wore out or broke periodically. Usually about once or twice a year from what I remember. Cash there too for replacements. I also had to pay cash for worn out inserters or anything else that had to be replaced. The only part warrantied for 4 years was the pump itself. I was irritated at first too but now it just seems to be part of pumping and didn't expect any differently when I switched to Animas.

After thinking about it I prefer it this way. Making the clips stronger will put more stress on the housing of the pump when you're moving it around or taking the clip on and off. I would much rather deal with the clip breaking rather than the pump.

I did have to pay for two new clips, but that's ok. Not too expensive, and like everyone says, "better the clips than the pump." The clips have a three month warranty. Happy holidays to all of you.


I use a nylon like material case to hold my pump. It has a velcro closure and a large metal belt clip. It is made by RIPOFF, PO Box 3270, San Dimas, CA, 91773. Their website is . I have forgotten the model. It may be a CO-25 since I was a paramedic in the 1970s & 80s.


Yep - my clip wore out last week! I am going to order another one now. I hope they fix this issue on future pumps :slight_smile:

I just ordered my new clip and was then transferred to the customer service suggestions & complaints rep. The more complaints they have the more likely the Animas design & development team will work on making a stronger clip.

If you have 5 minutes, give them a ring and officially add your suggestions!

If you are talking about the metal clip, it is really a bad design and falls apart. The claim that this is intentional seems a bit strange these days. Perhaps the pump housing should be stronger rather than the clip weaker. There are a lot of engineering design issues with Animas, especially with the software. The need to “balance” the pump over the receiver when transferring data to the computer is a joke!