Anyone else do this?

A random question for all the insulin pumpers here on TuDiabetes. T1 or T2 doesn’t matter at all, just wondering if all y’all do anything like this as well.

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OK, for you non-diabetic or non-pumping readers this may seem strange. While I absolutely love my insulin pump, having something strapped to me all the time gets a little old. I’ve one this for a few months now and I’m just wondering if anyone else does this. On days where I have to change my site I’ll give myself a bolus for 30-60 minutes of basal insulin and then remove my site completely. Then I’ll walk around, shower, get dressed and just enjoy the feeling of not having to worry about moving my pump around when getting dresses or reconnecting. I just tease myself with this and put the T1DM out of my mind for awhile and try to feel “normal”, even if it’s…

SuFu, Ph.D.