Anyone Have a Funny Low bG Story to Share? Here's Mine

I am a fairly small person and relatively quiet–Unless my low bG alter ego comes out-then I can be loud and feisty. More poor dear husband (Ray) puts up with an awful lot with me and this disease. Here’s my story:

One night we were watching TV a couple of hours after dinner. We just happened to be watching Law & Order where a husband killed his wife. Well, as is the case sometimes when I am just sitting and watching TV (not moving around) my bG was getting very low without my realizing it. In my confused head I got reality and TV mixed up and thought Ray had this plot to kill me. He went into the kitchen to get something and I shot up off the couch and started yelling about how I knew what his plan was and I knew what he was going to do. Of course he was trying to tell me to get a juice, but he was also trying to figure out what I am talking about. He picked up the phone to call 911 while I ran out in the back yard and started screaming at the top of my lungs “Help me, help me somebody help me!” Thankfully, by then I was so confused he was able to get me some juice and get me quieted down. Of course I did not remember any of it, he had to tell me the whole story. He wasn’t at all angry thank goodness, but the rule in my house now is: NO LAW & ORDER!!!

LOL!!! I almost tinkled in my pants!!! Very funny:) I don’t have any funny stories! How low was your bg’s?

I would have to say my funny low story was the night I called 911 as I was having trouble with my blood sugar. They argued with me that I wasn’t as low as I said as I was to calm and coherent. The next part my neighbor told me. They went to stick my finger and didn’t have it set low enough to get any blood, so I grabbed the lancet from them and shoved it in “the finger.” Then I rammed “the finger” at them flipping them off while they checked my sugar. Sure enough I was as low as I said I was.

I don’t have a funny low bgl story, but here’s a joke someone sent me on my facebook page:

How many “low” Diabetics does it take to “Change” a lightbulb?

It’s FINE!!! leave me alone, the lightbulb is FINE…O.K. just leave it alone…stop buggin ME!!! It’s Fine! I told you already…It’s FINE!!!

Now THAT is funny!


Wow, that’s a funny one. I went extremely low once in the middle of the night and woke up drenched and dripping with sweat. My dog always sleeps in bed with me, and I was so confused that I thought my dog had peed on my and that’s why I was wet. She was standing up in the bed right next to me so it made sense in my confused mind. I tumbled my way out of bed thinking I was going to get in the shower but finally realized what was going on and started downing Good n’ Plenties. Looking back on it, I figured out that my dog was standing next to me because she was actually trying to wake me up. Thank goodness! What a good dog : )

Your stories are great. I won’t give any particular incident but I can tell you, I have a wonderful husband with an enormous amount of patience with me. He can always tell, before I do, when my BG is low. He will look at me and say “I see it’s feeding time at the zoo” (because he says I turn into an animal).

It seems funny now, but it wasn’t at the time. Sittting at the kitchen table I quess the drop hit the high 30’s and my conversation became garbled. The kids knew what was going on, but I didn’t. In my usual “low” and unfriendly attitude, I refused any suggestions or help. I apperantly continued to “pontificate” about obscure matters in an authoritative tone, making no sense at all. My younger son grabed the glucagon, which I refused to have injected. The older son grabbed my car keys, jangled them high in the air across the table (saying “look at this Dad”) while the younger son crept up behind and poked me in the but with the next glucagon package. By the time the paramedics arrived I, of course, was fine but groggy.
The good news is that this led to my shift to a CGM system, which now helps greatly in avoiding further family excitement.

We made a family trip to England in 1998 to visit a family that we were best friends with that lived over there and couldn’t find my BG monitor once we got there. Still being on insulin that I didn’t really need to know my BG for or anything we weren’t in “panic mode” about it…until I went low. Not having the monitor we’re still not sure what my numbers were, but they were obviously extremely low. When I was younger and would wake up with lows sometimes I couldn’t tell the difference between real life and dreaming. On this particular morning my parents were going on a walk so my mom woke me up and gave me my shot and told me to get up and go and eat breakfast. I really don’t remember much after that. Everything became jumbled and I still thought I was asleep. My mom realized at once that I was low and got me a juice box and told me to drink it. Well, according to them, I started singing and dancing around and wouldn’t listen to a word they said (I don’t get mad when I go low, I get really really happy). I remember parts of this, but not all of it. I blacked out some, but was still up and walking around. My youngest sister, who was 8 at the time, was trying to get me to eat a poptart but I wouldn’t, because to me, I was dreaming and didn’t need the poptart. I eventually came out of it and everyone was really freaked out. The first thing my older sister did was yell at me to make sure I was really out of it and I started crying so they all knew I was back to normal.

This has never happened ever again and we ALWAYS make sure we know where the BG monitor is before we go anywhere. (Sorry this was so long!)