Anyone Have Any Major Pump Problems?

We had a story this morning on Diabetes News Hound about an FDA panel that is requesting more information on problems with insulin pumps. The article also notes a growing number of pump problems -- either because of the pumps themselves or via user error. Here is the article: FDA Wants More Info on Insulin Pump Problems

Has anyone in this forum experienced problems with their pump?


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I could/should be one of those NOT answering to you posting , since I never had to date " any major pump problems " , however like to share my experiences ( in short form ) .I have been MM pumping since August 2001 , started with a 508 , upgraded every time an upgrade was offered, presently using the 522 . I have paid heed to the notice , dated 2003 ; The Truth about Watertight and as a dragon boater I wore the pump in a plastic pouch around my waist …my pump never hit the water !
I recall the notice about MRI’s and to disconnect from the pump and store in a place away from the MRI machine .Never had this test performed to date. I do disconnect, when I have a yearly mammogram performed …maybe overly cautious ? I have been at numerous airports and through scanners , kept on pumping and no problems observed.
You maybe aware: FatCatAnna , Tu friend and member posted a discussion , September 1, 2009 re- the MM 511 and I have posted similar comments there.
Yes, it is scary to hear about these stories and my heart goes out to all , who have lost a love one to malfunction of a device or for that matter " overdosing by insulin " with the aid of a needle .