Anyone have b/s rises from splenda or truvia?

The last two days I’ve had surprisingly large rises in b/s after eating meals with a mix of truvia and splenda in them. I kind of figured that since they’re fairly different, if one bothered me the other wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t be using a whole lot of either one of them.

Both meals were very lowcarb – tonight was an asian slaw with cabbage, sprouts, fresh mint, thai basil, and cilantro with a homemade peanut dressing (only carb sources in it were garlic, lime, and peanut butter) and some pork sauteed in garlic, soy sauce, white rice vinegar and truvia/splenda mix. There was also truvia/splenda in the dressing but only a tiny bit as I used four packets of splenda to make about 2 c of peanut sauce and then used only about 2T of sauce to make my dressing.

I did 2.5 units of humalog bc I was a bit high to begin with (163), and two hours after eating my blood sugar was 261. There were times before I started following the 6 - 12 - 12 that I’d eat a normal carby meal and forget to do my insulin and then be at a similar blood sugar, or maybe 50 points higher, a couple of hours later. So, I would be shocked if a little splenda or truvia could do this. It would be downright unfair!

The other possibility is that I’m not taking enough lantus. I was having a lot of trouble with morning lows, like waking up every morning between 35 and 40, so I nudged it down to 11.5 units and now my morning b/s’s are good. I wonder if it would help to do my lantus in the morning instead of at night, or maybe at noon. Isn’t it’s duration slightly less than 24 hours? Ugh! I wish there was some way to know what was causing this before I tinker with stuff. I was kinda relieved to have the morning thing worked out.

I meant to add that I used one packet each of truvia and splenda on the pork, but I only ate about 2/3 of what I made, so I imagine with the dressing factored in, that would be like eating a packet of each.

I’m thinking it must be the splenda if it’s one of them bc I have been putting 1/2 packet of truvia in my salad dressing and not having a problem. Gah!

Granulated Splenda does have a few carbs (liquid Spenda has none) & Truvia used to until the formula was changed, if you have packets of the older Truvia. Agree that it doesn’t seem possible that so few carbs would effect you that much.

Is it possible that your Humalog is close to expiring & lost potency? When I get wacky results, I start a new vial.

Another possibility is that your premeal 163 was still rising & 2.5 units wasn’t enough to correct, cover increasing BG & your meal. You could also be getting sick.

Lantus didn’t last close to 24 hours for me. You can also try taking split doses.

It’s useful to read the labels of artificial sweeteners. Many are cut with various types of sugar. One common one is dextrose which is another name for glucose.

In addition to Gerri’s ideas I would add the possibility of an errant meter reading. When I get a reading which doesn’t make sense I often retest and sometimes find a wide variation between the two readings.

Hi rubidoux, my guess just glancing at it is that maybe the lime contributed? I also have experimented with low carb recipes that contain lemon or lime juice and often find that they spike my sugars. Another thing is that Splenda often contains sucralose, dextrose, maltodextrin, and sometimes even sucrose. Dr. B is big on avoiding all of those, since they will have the same effect on blood sugars as regular old sugar (dextrose is glucose!) I too use Splenda (or I guess the generic brand) in baking just to get by, and I do find that I have to give myself more Novolog if I’m going to have Splenda. Truvia seems to be the answer for me, even though it’s more expensive.

I actually avoid using “packets.” Dr. B is clear, the packets often contain filler which is often just sugars. Because of the nutrition labelling, if you have less than 0.5 g of carbs, you can report that a packet contains Zero carbs. I use bulk because larger cup servings must accurately report the carbs. Avoid the baking splenda, it is actually half sugar.

Check the carbs on the rice vinegar. Some of them are sweetened:

Well, I think I’m gonna just toss my almost new costco sized box of splenda packets. I knew about the fillers, but I bought the box before I decided to commit to low carb again, and I was hoping a gram here and there wouldn’t mess me up. But I think I’ll be happier without this huge box. lol And I’m gonna start splitting my lantus dose between noon and midnight.

The humalog I’m using is a new bottle, but I have wondered if it was a dud. It seems to work fine most of the time, though, so I think it’s probably ok.

I just checked my vinegar and it is the no-sugar kind.

I hope it’s not the lime! I’m in San Diego and one of the really nice low carb treats here is carnitas tacos with chunky “mexican salsa” (called pico de gallo in the rest of the country, I think) with lots of cilantro and lime. But I think I’m frustrated enough that I want an answer and will be relieved to find out it is the lime, iykwim. If it is, I may just have to call it an infrequent indulgence and do some extra insulin to cover.

I did a quick web search about the nutrition of lime juice. Carbs = 1g per tablespoon. None of the sugar in limes is fructose, since fructose doesn’t effect blood sugar directly, this would mean the grams in limes would have more effect on blood sugar, than a fruit that has other sugars. But I also found a reference to the blood sugar lowering effect of limes due to the pH presumably something like the effect some see from vinegar.

Hope it didn’t turn out to be the lime, the recipe sounded delicious. Personally I can’t handle any fruit, but I did use a little lime juice in some green curry I made with no ill effect.

I didn’t even think to google it. I’m starting to feel superstitious about this stuff… like it’s not about the grams of cho so much as about the stars lining up right. But I know it is about the grams of cho, so thanks for reminding me! I am guessing I had about 2T of lime, which I don’t think could explain such a large rise in and of itself. Once I get back on track for a couple of days, I’ll have to try again with the lime.

Doesn’t seem like it would be the lime, so that’s good. I think you’re right, sometimes its the stars or perhaps the diabetes gods playing tricks on us, keeps things interesting.

Actually, I would say that sometimes it’s NOT about the grams of CHO. It is the TYPE of CHOs that is important. If you eat a meal with 6g of CHO from wheat flour, it will most certainly raise your blood sugars, versus 6g of CHO from vegetables. This is so apparent to me, even when I count carbs and make sure to strictly stick to a certain number of grams, I’ll get big spikes when I eat anything on the “no-no” list in Bernstein’s diet. So don’t feel superstitious, just remember that different foods with CHO will affect your blood sugars in different ways (at different times) even if the total carb count is the same (due to the amount of fiber in one food versus the other, essentially the glycemic index). My advice would be, stick to the Bernstein diet as much as you can to avoid the spikes. (This would also mean no fruit, including lemon and lime juice). Sorry to be so blunt but I have been experimenting so much for the last 6 months, and truthfully, what Dr. B says seems to always be correct!

I wasn’t really thinking of it as fruit. Sigh… And I agree, carbs are not all the same. I haven’t been eating any grains at all since starting Bernstein’s again, as they are in a particularly dangerous class of their own, carbwise. I wouldn’t think my body would handle lime juice as well as something like broccoli, but jeez!

I do think there might be something – whether it’s the lime juice or something else – in that salad that’s bad for me. I tried it again and at 2 hours pp I was 158, but then at 4 hours I was 300.

I actually haven’t been working very hard on my blood sugars. I was kind of hoping that if I ate very little carb, it would fall into place, but that totally is not happening. I’m actually thinking about cutting out all carbs for a little while. I think it might be able to figure out what I need for basal/bolusing if I do that and then slowly add in some veggies. The last time I started Bernstein’s plan, about ten years ago now, I was meticulous about my record keeping and I was very quickly able to get my b/s to stay at 95 through thick and thin. It never seemed to move. So I thought this would be easier. But I’m trying to study for the california bar and take care of two little ones and still have a life, so I just don’t have the time or the patience to be as meticulous as I was last time…

I say that now, but I bet in a couple of weeks I’ll be digging my graph paper out and weighing everything that passes my lips. Gah! I’m frustrated.

Rubidoux, you are a super star!!! Wow, studying for the bar AND with two little ones, you rock! Maybe it’s stress that’s increasing your sugars! Anyway, maybe you need to increase the insulin doses, because seems like you’re doing all the right things and still getting the highs. Keep on recording and trying, you are awesome and you can do it all! I have the same frustrations all the time, just trying to take it day by day. The super frustrating ones are when one day, a certain thing has no effect on sugars, and the next day it does. So annoying. Anyway, good luck studying for the BAR!!!

Aww, thanks! lol And I need the good luck wishes. I’ve been away from law for almost ten years and I remember nothing!

So, I decided to eat super low-carb for a few days (less or more depending on how long it seems to take), and it’s kind of a relief. I’ll update with my results…

Oh Rubidoux, I’m sorry things are so frustrating for you… and, right back at you. I’m so frustrated I actually want to have a tantrum. I’ve only been a T1 diabetic for 4 months (I’m 40 though), am trying the low carb approach, am getting good results, then weird results, and am just trying to get a handle on this most slippery of diseases. I join your discussion because yesterday I stood for what seemed like hours in a supermarket trying to figure out the difference in carb content between the fake sugars and the sugar sugar. They all have nearly 400 cals per 100g and all have nearly 99g carb per 100g. What’s the difference? It’s amazing to have this site to talk to other diabetics but in the real world I feel very alone, very different and frankly, a bit scared about whether I can handle this properly. For the rest of my life. To hear you still so frustrated after such a long time is a shame. I’m going to get the Bernstein book and follow it for 3 months perhaps and see if I can be in charge here. It sounds like the low carb approach worked for you in the past, maybe you should join me?

Aww, I’m not always so frustrated! Actually, believe it or not, it becomes normal after a while. Well, for me I’d say a long while, like maybe ten years or so. But now it’s been 18 years since I was dx’d and, although it can definitely still be frustrating, it is also just life. I take it all in stride a lot more than I did near the beginning. That first year or so was very hard for me. I don’t know if that’s true for everyone, but I was just a mess that first year. It gets better! I swear!

I do think Bernstein is such a great program to follow. If you are starting with that four months in, you may not have to go through all the crap I did. lol I didn’t discover Bernstein or low carbing until I had already been diabetic for about eight years.

Right now I’m doing super low carb, like near zero carb. I have been feeling great and my b/s has gotten a bit better. My problem is that I’m having a hard time convincing myself to write everything down. And I know that writing everything down is totally the key. But because I have spent so many years doing that I just don’t have it in me to do it right now. So, I’m willing to eat a little stricter in the hopes that it’ll help me get better control without all the record keeping. Another thing that is helping toward that goal is that you don’t need to eat nearly as often if all you’re eating is basically meat. So now I’m only eating twice a day. I think it still may take me longer to figure out how to dose myself perfectly (or as close to it as possible) w/o keeping records, but I’m not too worried about a few weeks of mediocre sugars as long as I’m moving in the right direction.