Anyone having these problems?

I opened a new box of pods the other day. The 1st pod ended with an occlusion, the next 5 caused me to bleed and there was some pain and bruising.
I opened a new box yesterday. No problems with the new pod.
The weird thing: The lot number and manufacture date is the same as the troubling box.
Is it just a weird co in key dink?
Or should I call customer service?

I have had 3 pods inn the current box not working. Fill with insulin and no bleeps. Plus they seem to hurt when going in a lot.

Call customer service.

I have had 3 occlusions in the last 6 weeks or so, the first in a long time. I blamed it on being on the pod or giving MDI’s in my abdomen for 7 years and developing bad sites. Now, I am wondering…

I feel like I’ve lost 4 or 5 pods in the last two weeks to occlusions or pain / cannula slipping out. I’m not sure if it’s the pods or a bad run with me but it’s sure been frustrating!

When I started on my OmniPod last week, the educator that was showing me told me that 2-3 pods per box usually have problems. Then she told me that OmniPod will replace a bad box for free if you call them. I’d call and tell them what happened and see if they’ll replace them so you’re not out that money.

That seems like a lot of bad Pods for 2 weeks.

I totally agree. They’re very good about replacing pods. That’s the first thing anyone should do with a pod problem… save the pods and give them a call.


I have been on the pod for over two years. There is NO WAY you should expect 2-3 pods per box to be bad. That is just bad information from the educator. I have had a few over the last two years and they seem to be from the same box when it happens but there is no way they have a 20-30% failure rate. There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there so take it in stride and enjoy using the product.

I would suggest you contact them if you have any issues.

Do not plan on having that kind of failure rate.

I have not found that 2-3 pods p/box are bad. Maybe 2-3 per year. I don’t count occlusions as I feel those are site or activity related.

I would call them…see what they say. We haven’t had this before…but I have heard of others that do… my son had a perfectly good pod just fail during sleep last night… no occlusion and it had been there for one day…strange.

I agree Elaine… I wear my pod on my abdomen and sometimes if I bump into something and feel a little pain it’s usually an occlusion. It never just happened for no reason.

I had 50% of a box of pods fail all w/ a failure alarm (no occlusions) in March so it does happen… they replaced the rest of the box(unused pods) and of course the 5 that failed.