Anyone Hear About This Case: Trial Begins for Parents in Death of Diabetic Teen?

Hey everyone. We posted this story on Diabetes News Hound this morning about a trial going on in California involving the 2006 death of a diabetic teenager. The parents are being charged with second-degree murder for not helping their 17 year old daughter who was suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis for days before she eventually died. Check out the article -- I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts and to know if any of you have been following this case more closely? This is the first I've heard of it.

Trial Begins for Parents in Death of Diabetic Teen


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Wow, just wow. The father himself is a diabetic AND the doctors warned the parents that they need to really monitor their daughters condition… thats completely negligent on so many different levels… being a parent, it is your responsibility to care for your child. Even if they believed it was the flu, they should have taken her to the hospital because of the preexisting diabetes. even her sibling realized she should have gotten medical treatment!!!

I really hope they get the max sentence possible

Shocking to say the least.
Who would worry about the state of the house if your child is in trouble.No matter what the child has there are rules that needed to be followed and keeping an eye on ketons is a very important step.

But sometimes it is very easy to make a mistake esp with diabetes as it changes so fast.

They should made to die a slow death!

Wow! what a story. I think the parents are definately responsible. When I was diagnosed, in 1973. My parents also thought I had the flu. on the 3rd day my mother couldnt wake me in the morning. I was rushed to the hospital and saved.
These parents must have ignored her for days!!!