You have got to read this!

have you heard about this??!!

This is completely unacceptable and outrageous! I hope these parents fry!!! No sympathy! No forgiveness! I can’t say the things I want to do to these people. I really want to know more.

Thanks for sharing this story Cathy, they are wrong to think they were right to let anyone die this way and their own child makes it worest (moss droppings)…wow…what an excuse…hope this does not fly.

Terrible… sad sad sad

wow, I cant believe this story. It’s so sad. What I really dont understand is why at the first notice of the daughter being sick, didnt they just take her to the doctor, or call a 24 nurse hotline. Who put the diaper on her??? Wouldnt you think at that point that something was wrong? I can understand not wanting someone to come to your house because of the mess, but come on take your child to the hospital.