Omnipod and Dexcom software

Is there software that will take both Omnipod and Dexcom data and display as one?

Thanks MegaMinxX. I took a look at it, and it would be a great tool, but looks like the "Personal" doesn't include OmniPod or Dexcom. Not sure why they would differentiate which devises talk between Clinic and Personal though. I'll keep an eye on that site for updates.

Any other thoughts?

I believe you can ask your physician for the clinic ID. That will give you access to your own Dexcom records (which I think should happen without asking!)

I was looking at DiaSend's list of compatible devices, and (surprisingly) Dexcom is not on it! They only have the Abbott CGM. Oh well.

I'll check with my doctor and see if they know of any softawre that picks up both.


Diasend will download Dexcom. I just downloaded my Gen4 today and I’ve downloaded my Seven Plus in the past. I’m on an Animas pump so can’t speak to Omnipod however.

Dexcom is not FDA approved for US customers but it’s used in Europe so you need to sign up/look under an international account for information. Also apparently you also now need to have your clinic ID entered in order to have the CGMS stuff be activated.

With Diasend I’ve found that they’ve actually had drivers for a lot of devices not yet on their list of compatible devices and it’s always worth a try in terms of downloading. I had to recently change meters due to insurance and initially I couldn’t upload it because it was new to the market but a few weeks later I was able to upload it. It’s still not listed as a compatible device.

In order to download your Dexcom on Diasend, you need your clinic ID#. If you have that, you do not have to pretend to be an international user.

I download my Animas pump, my Dex Gen4, my Ping meter, and my two Verio meters to Diasend. Works great. I particularly like the report that compares my Dexcom data to my meter data.

Because I don’t use an Omnipod, I don’t know whether it is compatible with Diasend.

You can upload the XML files of Dexcom and Omnipod to our Glucosurfer for analysis. I hope they did not change the XML format with the new generations of these devices. Otherwise we will have to make adjustments to make it work.

You can export your data to XML with the Abbott CoPilot and Dexcom software. Please make sure to remove your personal information from the XML files before the upload to our server. You can do this by opening the files with an editor for text files. Then search for your name or other personal information and delete or overwrite it with x. Just make sure that you will not change the structure of the file. The processing of the Dexcom data might take a while...

That is good to know about the clinic ID vs international user.

I’m concerned as well. I’m a Mac user, but bought a small Windows laptop running Windows 8 so I could connect my Omnipod and use the extension in the Abbott software. I’m about to get a Dexcom CGM, but see it runs only on Windows 7 or earlier. I’m going to look at Diasend. I’d really like to run everything on my Mac network to sidestep the Windows hassles.

Hi, can you explain how to do this a little more in detail? I did not see Omnipod on your site as being compatible. I tried to write you via another site you have (I think) on Blogger, but am not sure it was successful. Thank you Holger. - Jennifer

Abbott offers the software CoPilot. Furthermore they offer an extension for the OmniPod. After these two software packages have been installed you can import the OmniPod data from your device.

To my knowledge there is no Dexcom extension available. But you can use the Glucosurfer to combine CoPilot and Dexcom data. For this you use the export feature in the CoPilot and Dexcom Software. As a result you will get two XML data files - one for the CoPilot and one for the Dexcom. You can open these files with a text editor to remove personal information about yourself (just xxx them out).

As a last step you can upload the data on the Glucosurfer site. On the tab "Diary" you will find the link import. Here you can upload one file after the other. It is not convenient but manageable I would say. The more data you export at once the less painful it gets. The processing of the Dexcom data will take a while...

Hello everyone,

My 5 year old son uses the Dexcom G4 CGM and the OmniPod pump and I was frustrated that there was no way to see all the data together.

Thanks to a few spare hours (those are rare indeed) - I wrote an program that takes the Dexcom data (XML export) and translates it into a file that can be imported by the CoPilot software.
This way, I can see all the glucose entries in CoPilot.
I do not know if anyone else would want to do the same, but just in case I created a website where you can upload the Dexcom file and download a CoPilot file ready to import into the CoPilot Software (version 4.2.0).

( is Google's web hosting site in case anyone was worried bout the link)
Please let me know if you have questions, or if there are any issues with the conversion.

Best Wishes,
Michael McArthur

This is a great idea, but unfortunately after I downloaded the Dexcom XML file and translated it then hit the button to I got HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Wow - I'm surprised there are no responses on this thread. (didn't initially see any; now I'm learning how to better navigate these postings...)

I don't know of any such software, but I've been thinking of creating software to "bridge the gap" between what I can do with my OmniPod and what you can see/do using the CoPilot from Abbott. And now that I'm considering the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM, it'd be a natural source of data to bring into the fray, too.

There is now a program available called Diasend which includes a downloader for just about every piece of D gear except for Medtronic. I routinely download both my Omnipod PDM and the Dexcom G4. It has some great reports that compile the data from both. used to only be available to Animas users but has recently added everyone else and it is a no cost software. My endo has a link to it should she want to see my data.

Diasend works perfectly for this.
You can skip the CLinic ID entry and it will still allow you to upload and view all relevant data.
I just did mine last week.

Clare, that's great news!! Can you tell me what was needed in order to get the Dex and the Omnipod to talk to diasend uploader? Are there cables needed, or are both the Dex and the 'Pod infrared? Any special setup steps I should make note of?

Thanks for whatever info you can share - I am off to read the diasend User Guides now :)


David, the only cables needed are the ones that came with your Dex and Omnipod systems. There is nothing special to set up. You enter your own personal information and the serial numbers of your receiver and PDM and the program will take care of the rest. Download the Diasend Uploader, click on the icon in your desktop and plug your device into your computer. Your data will be sent to your Diasend account which you can access from anywhere.

Awesome! Thank you. Our Dex is shipping today, and we have the Pod - just haven't been trained yet. So excited to start working with the data from both.

(T1D on MDI for last 33 years - starting omnipod soooooooon.)