Anyone in law enforcement?

I have recently begun the process of becoming a Los Angeles Police Officer and was wondering if anyone on here is currently in law enforcement, retired, or is currently trying to get into law enforcement. (please hold any negative comments about LAPD or any police department to yourselves) Yes, diabetes is considered a disability under LAPD ruling, but it is illegal to disqualify any individual for simply being diabetic. They can disqualify on the grounds of how well the individual is taking care of their diabetes and/or whether they can handle the daily tasks of a police officer without putting others in danger. I also know that in some other countries diabetics can serve in the military. So if anyone is diabetic and serves or served in the military please chime in. It would be really great to hear about experiences and day to day life from other diabetics in law enforcement or military. Also, those who know diabetics that are in law enforcement, please feel free to add.


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