Anyone know anything about OmniPod in Italy?


Here I am again turning to my TuDiabetes page because I have a question for anyone who knows about OmniPod in Italy...

Even though I live in Boston, USA. I am now in Italy (Sicily, actually) and my question is: What can you tell me about getting a replacement for my OmniPod while we're in Italy?

Why? Because yesterday while we were in Cefalu, Sicily, my insulin bag was stollen practically from right under our noses. We had it with us sitting on the beach and I even did a test about 15 minutes before we left the beach, and then 15 more minutes later when we got back to the Hotel, my bag containing my OmniPod was gone. We've searched everywhere several times, and it's gone, gone, gone... so we're trying to get the company to FedEx us a replacement but (apparently) THE BIG problem with that is that even if they'll do it, something like that could be held up "for 7 to 10 days" waiting to get thru customs. So what I really want to know is what can I possibly do to get a replacement for my OmniPod (really, just the PDM - I have a bunch of OmniPods) while we're in Italy?

If anyone has an answer to these questions, I'd appreciate you posting here AND PLEASE ALSO copy that text to me at

I'm italian and live in Italy, there's no way to have omnipod here.
They sell it in Switzerland, Austria, Germany you could by a PDM online in Europe, so no custom to wait, but it would be in a different language.
They sell it in England too, but they have a different unit measure (mmol).

A friend of mine has a USA PDM, because she is in the trials for the artificial pancreas: we are near Venice.
I cannot speak for her, but perhaps we could find a way out ?

Thank you VERY MUCH for responding to my post. It's not the answer i was looking for, but what you're saying makes perfect sense to me so I'll just have to wait until I get back to the USA to get a new OmniPod.