New Omnipod

I have read that the newer, smaller, lighter, Omnipod is available in Europe. Is this true ?

In Europe it's approved since last year but not selling yet.
It seems it's coming on september in netherland first.
In usa, from 2nd financial report of insulet this week, FDA has put 2 more questions on july and insulet is going to reply, to get FDA approve it, at last.

Still waiting on it. I thought it had already come out in Europe, but apparently was wrong. I live literally down the street from Insulet, and am quite anxious for the new pod to come out. MDI for 37 years, well it'll probably be 38 years before it finally gets approved.

So, approved for 8 months or more in Europe but still not available? I wonder if we can expect the same delay here in the US once it is approved?

I emailed the salesman at OPod that exact question yesterday. my email> Dave,
"I understand the new Omnipod has been approved in Europe since last year, and yet it is still not available there. So it has been 8 months since it has been approved and yet apparently it will not even begin selling until September in Europe. Is the same thing going to happen here when/if the new pod is approved ? We'll have to wait 8 months before it's available for sale. I think I'll have to stock up on more than just 3 months worth of pens."
His response: Clare good morning. I don't think it would be that long, it's tough to say. I do think you should cover yourself, have enough of what you need to get by. Call me anytime Clare