Anyone know of any "designer" medic alert jewelry lines?

I have been searching around for a medic alert for a while but they are all unappealing, does anyone know of any designers brands who have a medic alert line?

Thanks in advance.

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My parents make beautiful jewelry, and I keep telling them they need to get into the market. They are looking for a place to buy attractive charms, but haven’t found one yet. I’ll post on tudiabetes when they finally do. In the meantime, have you been here: I’m not sure whether or not they have guy stuff though.

I would just be cautious because EMT’s aren’t necessarily going to look at all your jewelry to determine if it’s medical ID or not. If it looks like regular jewelry, it might get overlooked and never serve it’s true purpose. I know an EMT, and I asked him about that. He advised me to get something that is obviously medical ID. I’ve heard other people say they know EMT’s and have been told something different by them, but I’m not taking my chances because you never know if you’re going to get an EMT who’s willing to look at all your jewelry or one who only looks for something that’s obviously medical ID.

Personally, I stick with Medic-Alert. It’s utilitarian, but it’ll serve its purpose should I ever need it, and that’s all that matters to me.

i got a few from they have many varities and they do have guys stuff, too!

I remember liking the medical nameplate wrap bracelets at hello we are, although what really blew me away was their (non) prescriptive behaviors section.

I got my medical bracelet from laurenshope as well and love it! I’ve gotten more compliments on it and people are often surprised to find it’s a medical ID. My friend is an EMT and when I told him I was worried that they wouldn’t notice he said that they are aware that medical IDs are looking more and more fashionable and they are very careful to check. :slight_smile:

I agree – I use a Medic-Alert tag because EMTs recognize it, and also because I like the service (emergency folks can call Medic-Alert and get all of my personal info, contact numbers, etc. – not just what will fit on a tag).

For me though the bracelet part had to be custom, cause I make jewelry myself and I’m picky like that. I just removed the Medic-Alert tag from the bracelet it came with and installed it on one of my own bracelets.

If you can’t find a ready-made bracelet you like, and you’re not comfortable designing your own jewelry, I think it’s totally worth it to seek out an artist who will incorporate an “official” ID into a bracelet you can really LOVE. Since you have to wear it every single day, you might as well wear something you can enjoy! And depending on what you have in mind it might be a lot more affordable than you think. Good luck and let us know what you end up with!