Anyone know the cost of a new dexcom receiver?

I am kicking myself right now!!! I think my dexcom receiver is lost. I have torn apart the house and car with no luck. As I am writing this though I am listening for the buzzing sound to magically appear helping me to find my beloved friend! I almost want to go high or lo to get the alarm to go off! haha. I will prob have to suck it up and buy a new one. anyone know what the out of pocket price for just the receiver is? Gulp?!

I bought mine without insurance a few months ago. It was about $1200, if I remember correctly.

Side note: I misplaced my receiver today and panicked. Fortunately, I knew it was somewhere in my apartment and, since my apartment is small, I was able to find it. It would beep every once in awhile to tell me I was out of range. If I were you, I would look around some more before thinking about ordering a new one.

I once dropped my reciever (aka Eggy) walking through a park and then went to the mall nearby. Thank god, I found it laying on the ground after back tracking and it wasn’t raining. None of the soccer players nearby managed to step on it either.

Instead of the high or low alarm, you could go with the out of range beeping or disconnect the sensor. I think all those errors also cause beeping.

I highly recommend these key finders or something like them. I stuck one of the flat ones on the back of my receiver and it’s already saved my butt a couple of times. They are very flat, so no issues with cases or skins.

Thank you all so much for your replies! I still have not found the receiver. I have one more place to check. I called the company and currently if you have a warranty the price is $199. Not as bad as I thought at all. If I find the old one or get a new one I will certainly take your advice and set the out of range alarm and get a key finder. Great suggestions!

Having a sticker with your name, address and phone number on the back of the receiver is also a good idea.
Not for when you lose it in your house.
But when you lose it in the park, or in a restaurant.

How long ago did you get it? Insurance typically covers a whole new Dexcom system every year.

My understanding is that if is is under warranty (1 yr), then you get a one-time replacement for ‘lost’ receivers, for a lower price. After that, I think it was like $399 for a replacement.

I found it! It had fallen behind a table. I will take all the great advice and take this as a learning opportunity! Now it is always in my sight!

i have a dexcon7 i do use any more