Lost Dexcom G4 receiver pricing

Just wanted to put the Dexcom replacement policy up on the web. As of this date the first receiver is $199 and the second $599.

Now just how stupid is this:

  1. You are marketing this for children to use. How likely is an eleven year old to go a year without losing the only part that is loose and out of parental supervision?

  2. I mean, this is not high technology. I would be surprised if the cost of each additional is more than five dollars. My cell phone is good for 30 seconds under water (first loss, went in the pool at workout). The Dexcom looks and feels like a twenty year old video game.

  3. You lose the sales of sensors and batteries. I know the sunk costs are considerable, but you are getting nada on this for three months. Where is the sunk cost recovery in that?

The pump manufacturers get it up front. I think my insurance company is buying t-slim cartridges for $25 for a box of ten (just checked, $32 for 12). The pump, set up, training & all was $4000-. And that includes a road damage warranty.

just dumb.


Thank goodness for Share; no need for the receiver. My daughter has never lost an iPhone, as it is all but surgically attached to her!

I make sure as soon as I am eligible for another receiver, I put in an order for a new one. As of now I’m almost due for one, and I still have one unopened. My original is still kicking it, although the charges don’t last as long. I know this doesn’t help as far as little ones losing them, but perhaps you’ll get lucky and keep one for over the warranty coverage to get ahead a bit!

Which I intend to do- May 19 is the annual date. And not so little- her A1c is creeping up as the she gets bigger and her pump adjustments lag.

And they take ten days to return a phone call when you get tired of waiting out the phone cue.