Anyone like the 670g

I see almost all mentions of the 670g are negitive, probably with reason. Just wondering if anyone likes this system. I know I loved the 530g and will be starting back on it in the next couple of weeks. I can upgrade (my term) to the 670 if I want. Sort of was leaning toward the tslim-x2 but insurance will not cover because my 530 is still under warranty until 8/19. I can’t imagine no one likes the 670, have read all the reviews online I could fine and they were pretty balanced.

People with problems do seem more motivated to weigh in than the ones who are having a great experience, so I think what you see tends to be biased in that direction. I think it really does work for some, though I have to admit I’m one of those who gave up on it. @Rphil2 is very happy with it, as are some others around here. He might be able to point you to some more positive reactions.

Yea thats why i did this tread hoping to get some people who like it ti wrigh in. From everything I have read I think it might work for me. The hard set of 120 would be a good sent at this point for me my aic’s have been running the high 12’s all year. The lowest I have been able to get my daily average last month was 212 and that was with around 12 finger pricks and 4-5 injections. I was on a 530g and for the most part kept my numbers in the 100-120 range. I guess as I know I really need to get back on a chm just can’t afford right now even with insurance.

I don’t even HAVE the 670 and I don’t like it (but I’ve spent some time with it). I’ve pumped with Medtronic since '96 and my current 530G will be the last Medtronic pump I get (unless I live long enough to see Medtronic up their game substantially). What a shame they rested for over a decade on their laurels.

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The sweet spot does seem to be people who are struggling to get down to an A1C lower than 7+, so it may well be worth your while.

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I like my 670G and Guardian3 sensors. However, it took well over six months for me to learn how to use them effectively and it seems the 670G system “learned” how to work more effectively with my eating habits. Excess alarms and requests to update BGs have been significantly reduced and A1C has improved. And, yes, I have been struggling to improve my 7+ (7.4 to 7.8) BGs

I had been on Medtronic pumps/CGMSs for six years prior to going on the 670G System December, 2017.

I also don’t use the 670g and have heard many complaining here about it. But I have seen many people at workshops, conferences and at work who have it and love it. Everyone of them has said the overnight numbers are perfect! And we all know starting the day in a good range makes the day go so much better.
But I will say, everyone of them said there is a long learning curve. Many, many alarms and that dreaded calibration loop can be a struggle. But they have all said once they get it and the system starts to get them, it works very well. This system can be great as long as you have the patience to work with it.
I am not a patient person and I am not a high tech person, which is why I love my new Tandem IQ! I just hooked it up and away I went. It does everything automatically and I turn off the alarms so it goes on and off during the night and I don’t know or care. It just does it’s thing. I have had some great nights with no alarms. Sleeping through the night is a huge benefit to these newer pumps!
Hope you can find the “perfect” pump for you!


Until I get a better pump, I rely on my G5 to wake up either me or my wife to alert me to highs and lows. Lots of interrupted sleep. :slight_smile:

I don’t use the 670G, either, but I’ve followed users’ comments here and on Facebook. I signed up for the 670G group on Facebook in an attempt to learn the fuller spectrum of opinion.

There are many satisfied users of the 670G system. I figured there had to be many happy users as Medtronic has sold over 100,000 of these pumps.

All that being said, if I were seriously considering this pump, I would be concerned about the “care and feeding” aspect of this device. According to some users, this pump can be very needy and can get stuck in a loop where it keeps nagging about needed blood glucose calibrations, even if one was just entered a short time ago.

From my perspective, I would be looking at the Tandem system. I have not read many complaints from users of the X2 with the Basal-IQ low protection.

It would be ideal for people like yourself to be able to try a system before making a four or five year commitment to it. Good luck with your decision.

I am very happy with my 670, I have had it for a year. I will agree the learning curve was long and a bit tedious, but after the first 3-4 months it got much better. Worked very closely with the folks at Medtronic to review my reports every 2 weeks and tweak my settings. I really like it now and actually don’t spend much time thinking about it. I have a pretty stable routine I use for when I calibrate and know what to do when things start to get wonky. I do wish the sensors were more stable, but I have to remember the system is counting on those numbers to be accurate.

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But Terry, have you spent 1-2 hours with a salesperson, with the pump in hand, so that you can try out the menu structure and see how old-fashioned it is to not be able to “direct-enter” a value? You have to SCROLL–just like with the older pumps. And build quality? I’d say it’s inferior to the venerable 530G. The screen is BARELY readable in direct sunlight–I had to shade it with my body in order to see the screen. And the text onscreen is too small, such as the glucose data. I’m aggravated that Medtronic, after all these years at the top of the “heap”, couldn’t come out with something better. The ONLY things I like about it better than the t:slim are the clip and the proprietary reservoir/tubing interface. The latter was a great idea, many years ago, and remains great to this day.

I have been using the 670g since August 2017 and I love it. I think some people have a problem with it because they expect it to not be any work. But it is just a tool which means means it takes some work on our part.

It is true that sometimes it can be needy but I don’t generally have that problem. Some people have a lot of sensor failures, but I haven’t had much of a problem. In fact, in the whole time I’ve been using it, I’ve only had 3 sensors that didn’t last the whole seven days.

My a1c was 6.4 the last 2 times and 6.7 the time before those. I only calibrate twice a day, and am mostly grateful for the alarms so I can be more proactive than reactive. I also love, love, love the flatline that I have at night. It’s so very nice not to wake up in the middle of the night with low blood sugar!

I haven’t replied in a long time but these responses are really unfair to a diabetes product that is first of its kind that can prevent lows from happening. At least that’s my story. LAD, diagnosed at 50 and had a terrible time accepting a change in lifestyle- I mean terrible! I can’t tell you how many times my husband came home to find me unconscious from low sugar. I ignored alarms, worked physically hard in the garden without taking care of myself. Last summer with the 670G I created 3 flower beds, mulched and tilled for 4 hours straight. Went in the house and tested - 128! I couldn’t believe. Oh, yes I started at 150. So the 670G detected via the accurate sensor my trend and stopped my background insulin when I was trending down (keeping me from going low). Then once I stabilize, the basil / background insulin starts again. I could see it on the chart.
So stop complaint like a little boy and be grateful this great technology is available for us to have!!! This is for those below…

Harsh, some like, some dont, works for some and not for others. One thing we all share are personal experiences and view points. On my posts all are encouraged, welcomed and respected.

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Not harsh, just firm. It’s tiring to hear only the negative. We lose sight of great the technology is. I worked for a diabetes company for a number of years and worked closely with scientists and technologists.

My cousin was 10 years old when diagnosed- she peed in a cup & tested her sugar. How accurate was that? Wasn’t that long ago, about 65 years ago. She died a few years ago at age 73. I watch her grow up.

Education is encouragement

And holding companies responsible for they product failures is part of the process of refinement of their future products (if they take their customer’s feedback to heart). It’s not harsh; it’s just firm.

I have used the 670G for almost 1 year and love it. Now I will say it takes a learning curve. I find the more I use it the more I love it. You ca msg me with specific questions and I will be happy to answer or direct you to the right place.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

Absolutely hate 670g with crappy sensor I am in the middle of an appeal to Medtronic Board Of Directors for all the BS they have put me thru as far as training, not enough time in use because it starts doing what ever when ever 30 days after the time you have to send it back and they are no help spent hours on the phone. Lol My doctor wanted me to have it only he couldn’t help me because he wasn’t even trained yet.

Tape allergies, infusion sets sucking my skin up into them and their idea of sending you other tape only to peel my skin off. My a1c went from 6.3 to 7.1 in 4months and I finally said I have had enough and went to shots 4 times a day to get my self back under control.
I finally went back to my Animas pump last night.

I have an appeal into my insurance to allow Tandam to buy my warranty with Medtronic to get one of their pumps because I am on a Dexcom 6 and absolutely love it, no tape allergies at all I had tape issues with the dexcom 5. This one I can wear 14 days no issues.

I have been so tightly controlled over the last 23 years i have had diabetes 43 years and for a pump to affect my health, weight gain, felt so sick all day long because I could not get under 200 and all they kept telling me to give me more insulin BS, I even stopped eating thinking it would help.

I told Medtronic if I can find someone that will give me money for this thing they can have it and all there technology…

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I’m glad you said all that, because if I had, the attackers would descend on me in moments. I tend to garner a lot of negative comments when I mention how Dexcom is superior to Medtronic CGM’s in so many way…oh crap, I did it again!