Contour Next Link meter, company

After all my diabetes life using One Touch strips I finally switched to the Bayer Contour Next meter. What a step back in time!
1. When setting it up for the first time, the calibration reading was outside the solution recommendation.
2. Called Bayer: 20 minutes giving personal info; then they have me recheck the solution; then tell me I must send the control solution and my bottle of 50 strips to them to check the solution and strips. (now about 46 strips but,); I wait longer than expected for the package to send the strips and solution.
3. Called today because I had not received new strips back, as promised, nor a report on the status. What the rep told me: They do not have an "update" and there was no indication that there would ever be an update on the lab report. They are sending "another" 50 strips and a control solution, they say. I could not get her to give me a confirmation number to refer to if I don't get the strips. She is "sorry for the inconvenience" and I went a bit ballistic then and told her it is NOT an inconvenience; it is a critical issue if my brand new meter is not accurate or reliable. And I do not hear anything about any fix for this.

4. In general, I think the meter is reasonably accurate though it was usually lower than my One Touch when I was testing the two.
However, what I do not like are the following:
Having to hit OK after the meter sends the reading to my pump and then having the meter stay on quite a long time unless I manually hold the on/off button for several seconds. The OneTouch sent the reading to my pump and then turned itself off within just a few seconds. I did not have to hit an ok button nor did it waste battery life by staying on a long time.
I totally dislike the case that holds the meter and stuff. The strip container holder is too tight for the container (I transferred strips to 1 touch holder & it fits) and the sticker is an odd shape that does not fit or stay secure in its holder.

OK, you might say this is all minor stuff but grappling with all the button pushing and getting the sticker out every time I do a blood test is really frustrating to me. And, it does not fit into the perfectly designed OneTouch case. If only it did.

Rant over. I am really surprised at all this because I have seen nothing but positive comments about the Contour Next on the forum. Nothing about the constant inconvenience of poor case & sticker designs (I am so mad I can't think of the right name for the sticker/clicker thing). I would switch back to my One Touch but it quit sending readings to pump after a battery change and even re-inputting ID in pump did not make it work. Sorry this is so long.

PS. One Touch did not require calibration solution. Why do any meters require calibration now? Antiquated!!!