Contour vs Contour NEXT test strips

Dear Bayer-
When you decide to develop another glucose meter with test strips, please DO NOT name it Contour. Name it something entirely different so I don’t waste my day returning my Contour strips for Contour NEXT strips! Contrary to what you may think, many pharmacists don’t know the difference!! :stuck_out_tongue:

better yet.why don't all meters use the same strips???????so no more confusion.

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Tell me about it! And apparently they differ by country too-so when I was on vacation in Mexico I bought Contour strips and they didn’t work. Took a while to hunt around to find the ones that did! :-/

LOL---sorry. I named my meter The Leech......I also get confused by these changes, though.....

Dear Bayer:

When you develop a new test strip please make it so Meidcare will cover the darn strips. I would love to use these three meters I have here in Diacrap drawer. Just saying.


Hoooooo Boy@! I just got my new pump with the Contour Next Link glucometer. Does this mean I'm going to have a fit getting strips? I was told by Edwards Health Care Services (the ones who sold me the meter) that they would supply the stuff and, after Medicare, my Anthem Blue Preferred and Medicaid paid their share, they would then bill me. And they indicated that it would be a nominal amount. Methinks me hears a rat!!


Lois,I get my Contour next strips from my local CVS and have not had a problem getting them filled correctly.The Medtronic glucometer that came with my 530 g pump is called a Medtronic/Bayer Contour Next LINK, I am sure there are other variants of the contour next that do not have the Linking component. I have not searcehd for the meter itself in the CVS, but I know I am not the only one using those strips in the store. I do not think you will have a problem getting them from the large pharmaceutical chains. Just make sure your prescription says Bayer Contour NEXT strips.

God bless

contour next & contour next link are 2 different meters

Well, with my lack of funds and being on Title XIX, I have to look for suppliers that are approved by my case manager and cheap, cheap, cheap. I never have any extra money [any more] and to have to take this out of my food budget would cripple me!



When I put my first order in for Next strips the I got the old ones also. Box is the same colour and design also but for the small Next hidden next to the Contour name. But my local pharmacy now knows so keeps them in stock for me.

Contour Link Next works fine with my Medtronic pump (554) which used to work with the old Link meter. Smaller size is nice, remembering to recharge (not very often) it is a pain, and the colour screen and animations are a gimmick. But like it solely for it asking for more blood when necessary so I don't waste strips when it doesn't take enough. When I learned of it fixing one of my pet hates when a strip doesn't get enough blood just phoned up Bayer and asked for a meter. As usual they just sent one in the post as they know fine well once you tell them you are T1 on a pump and how many strips you use, the $$ drop in front of them and they are happy to give you one as a free upgrade as they know they'll soon make it back off the strips.

I had to go back to my pharmacy yesterday because like Michael they gave me the wrong strips for my Contour Next meter…

Searching around on the forum to see if I can find anyone who can use these strips? I hate to just toss them in my diabetes drawer if someone out there could use these… I have two bottles with 50 strips in each one. The bottle reads: For Use with CONTOUR, CONTOUR USB, CONTOUR LINK, and DIDGET.