Anyone type 1 only on Lantus?

I’m 31 years old, I got diabetic type I 3 years ago. My doctor put me on just Lantus since I started my diabetes. I started with 10 units, one shot. Now I use 14 units in one shot. It seems that I am still producing some insulin because I do not know people in the same situation. Lantus seems always to be used along with fast acting insulin if you are type I. Anyone else only on Lantus? what’s your experience?

my 13 takes 13 units of Lantis before bed. And short acting with every meal or snack of 15 or more carbs!

That seems to be what I’ve heard! SHe too is type 1
Good luck

when i first got diagnosed, my doc at the time had me only on Lantus for a while… maybe 10 units? I can’t remember. So then I am checking my BG one night and it says H1. My mom and I couldn’t figure out what H1 was. Turns out it meant “High,” like over 600. Since then I have been on the humalog too for meals.

It seems like 3 yrs is a really long “honeymoon period.” Were you diagnosed early on when you started getting symptoms? Maybe you were misdiagnosed as Type I? Have your BG’s been stable just on the Lantus? If so, then whatever works to stay healthy!

Thanx for your answer. I was diagnosed early I think, but I am sure I am Type I because of my C-peptid results.
I think it has been a long honeymoon, but I think it is finishing.

I am not familiar with anyone with T-1 just being on Lantus. I am T-1 and take 10units of Lantus at nite and Humalog before each meal. Lantus has no peak and doesn’t really cover meal spikes like humalog or novolog. If your Lantus covers your for 24 hrs, I think you are lucky.

My son was similiar to you for about two years. Though with children the Lantus doesn’t seem to be as effective over 24 hours as it is in adults. So he was getting a 4.5 units of Lantus at night and 11 units of it during the day. As an active 6 year old little boy, his BSL were controlled by eating every few hours and with his intense activity level. There was no need for quick acting insulin and if there was it was only 1/2 of an unit of Novolog. He has just started to need quick acting insulin for his meals. Now at 8 years old he is needing to eat like a horse! So we give him some help with the quick acting for the times he wants seconds or just feels like eating as a growing, active, little boy should!
Though, we are transitioning to NPH to allow him to eat a hearty healthy lunch at school without needing to dose with quick acting…1/2 of an unit of quick acting with a pen is not consistent and we can’t go to school to do it ourselves (working parents). So…change it is!

It sounds like things are working well for you with minimal insulin. I hope that you can enjoy this for as long as possible.


I see these posts are from a while back and I'm wondering how you are doing, Andres, and if you are still taking just Lantus. I was diagnosed in Dec. 2011 and T1 has been confirmed (C-peptide test) and I also have questions about people who have long honeymoon periods or who have low insulin requirements. I managed with being only on Lantus for 6 months or so. Everything was fine but I was motivated to maintain as near normal BG as I could, so I now use Humalog with 'heavy' meals as well. Docs say it's honeymooning and there's no way to say how long it lasts... hmm.

I, too, am curious how you're doing. Hope you're maintaining those good numbers.

I was diagnosed this past spring as T1. I'm only on 10 units of Lantus and am extremely careful about what I eat so that I don't go over 140bg 72 minutes after beginning a meal.

Yeah, honeymoon, whatever. If I want to have a glass of orange juice, I drink it and then go running. 72 minutes later I'm at 98.

If I'm on holiday and want to have a bit of cereal grain with a meal, I have a glass of dry red wine with dinner. Other than that, I avoid cereal grains like my life depends on it.

Raw, vegan, run, and continue to taste the pleasures of life.

Be well!

I am only on Lantus because when a endocrinologist insisted that he could give a non-diabetic 2 units of quick-acting insulin before supper and wanted me to try it, I passed out 3 nights a week, no matter what I ate for supper. I took myself off it after 3 months of trying. (This was about 9 years ago) I seem to be abnormally sensitive to quick-acting insulin - the Joslin took me off it 30 years ago (before the genetically-engineered insulins). Lantus does not absorb at an sort of a steady rate for me either, but at least most days I can stay conscious! I just have to test 8-10 times a day (definitely before starting to drive the car!)