Anyone using eversense

Found like to this in article I was reading last night. A sensor that’s implanted into the arm and lasts for 3 months. Sounds good but not a whole lot of info, anyone using of knowledgeable about this.

Found a review on the system

Here is one user

Read another that states the has replaced a 180 sensor in the U.K. and is working on a yearly sensor that does away with the transmitter allowing use of cell to get reading directly from sensor.

I wanted to try it but could not get my insurance to approve it. The main feature I like about it is the alerts will happen (vibration of the transmitter on your arm) when you are not carrying your smartphone. The downside is the transmitter has to be recharged daily. It’s a pretty expensive CGM system, making it unlikely many people will self fund it.

Anybody interested should get in touch with Sensesonics via their website. The company salespeople are glad to send you a lot of info and will try to get your health insurer to consider covering it.

I think one hurdle to insurance coverage is that if you are doing well with other CGMS, or without, they won’t approve. The key thing that gets attention as medically necessary is severe lows or very high A1Cs.
And who wants to stop using current tools, get poor control, to prove they need the new ones?

I just talked with my cde about it, she said it will be here eventually. The problems so far are your doc has to know how to insert it and they want it to be for longer than 3 months I think. I would like to try it. I think she said it has only been tested by people without diabetes here so far, I’m not sure about that.