Senseonics CGM

Hi all. Would love to get your thoughts on this device. As many of you know I’m always looking for the next technology advance in diabetes treatment/care. For those who don’t know, I am a big fan of Dexcom CGM. I currently wear the G5 and use it in conjunction with my iPhone so I do not carry a receiver. I have my own opinion on the Senseonic CGM, but will reserve that until I hear other thoughts.

I saw this through a tweet of Diabetes Mine. Below is taken directly from the article ( just to give a bit of background:

Eversense is a pill-sized sensor that’s placed entirely under the skin, probably in the upper arm when it goes to market, and would last at least 90 days before needing replacement. It would be inserted in a doctor’s office, with a couple of small incisions, and patients in the study have reported that it can take up to a couple weeks for the wound to heal. In the case of a sensor failure, the patient has to go in to have it removed and replaced.

I’m especially curious to hear what current CGM (Dex, Medtronic etc) think and if they would consider making the switch to something like this as it’s currently being marketed.

If they could extend the life of the thing to 6 months, maybe. If a year… yeah, I’d certainly be interested, not sure I’d jump at it but if the accuracy was superb, I’d certainly look at the possibility seriously. Having to go in every 3 months? For an incision that takes weeks to heal? Not even counting sensor failures that require further cutting and visits? Has their marketing strategy involved talking to any actual diabetics yet? I’m fine with my Dexcom, thank you very much.


@stoner yesterday in the chat room mentioned her endo was going to start giving patients an implantable CGM. Hey Trip, do you know if this is the one Dr Ownby will be giving patients?

you hit the nail on the head with my exact thoughts.

thanks Marie. I don’t think this one has been approved yet so would be curious to hear from @Stoner

Too high maintenance. I will stick with the dex.

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hi Marie. they rec’d FDA approval for a clinical trial of the 90-day Eversense in the US, so @stoner’s endo may be participating in the trial Senseonics Announces Start of PRECISE II U.S. Trial of Long-Term CGM – Senseonics

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The less I have to see professionals for assistance with my D care, the better. The accuracy would have to be off the charts and, as others have said, at least a six month life before I would consider it. Otherwise, I’ll stick with Dex.


hey @JsMom welcome to our community! and thanks for posting, are you by any chance participating in the trial?

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I opened this having not heard of it. I’m currently looking into getting a CGM and thought it might be an alternative to Dexcom. I can’t even imagine this. Nope. Nope. NOPE.

I swim multiple times a week. Having to be out for days/weeks at a time while an incision healed several times a year? No way!

I really don’t see the advantage as opposed to Dexcom…Unless it is somehow more accurate. Thanks for the post @mikep!

Replacement every 90 days? I don’t think my daughter would go for this…

We’ll stick with her beloved Dexcom G5!

No @MarieB I am not participating in the trial. I read about it in an article somewhere (cannot remember where). says, “The trial is currently recruiting at Diablo Clinical Research, Walnut Creek, CA; Rainier Clinical Research, Renton, WA; John Muir Physician Clinical Research Center, Concord, CA; AMCR Institute, Escondido, CA; Clinical Trials of Texas, San Antonio, TX; Worldwide Clinical Trials, San Antonio, TX; Atlanta Diabetes Associates, Atlanta, GA; UVA Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic, Charlottesville, VA; and Mount Sinai Diabetes Center, New York, NY.”

@MarieB It could be Marie. Dr. Ownby’s practice is Atlanta Diabetes Associates of Atlanta. Because this practice participates in a lot ofdifferent trails, I am not certain. I certainly can discuss it the next time I see him.

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P.S. The Renton location is now listed as “Active, not recruiting” so they must have already found all of their candidates.

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I’m actually hoping that Abbott will release a CGM based on their Libre sensors - their size, lifetime and no need for calibration is superior at the moment. I am not sure that they have that in mind though.

Re Senseotronic’s solution, getting something implanted 4 times per year feels a bit too often. Twice per year would work but not more often than that. Also, it would be interesting to know how big the “cut” needs to be considering that one would have to place a transmitter adhesive over the wound.

As others have mentioned, I wonder if they actually talked to diabetic CGM users when developing this. One would think that a significant target market for them would be crossing over current CGM users of any kind.

Not to mention, I know Dexcom is hoping to release a new inserter (button push) and new sensor in the second half of this year. Gen 6 slated for next year will be a once a day calibration and extended life.

Senseonics’ device just seems like old technology in a much more invasive way.

Dex can do A LOT to improve the G5.
As this is the first time I am actually using Dex, I can testify that compared to Medtronic Enlite and Freestyle libre - the insertion process is too complicated with too many steps with twisting and pulling, the sensor base (transparent plastic part) is too big, the adhesive patch is too big - se abbott (not looking fwd to the beach with this thing on) and the glue is not as good as Abbott’s, the transmitter is too thick - they could make it wider but thinner so that it doesnt’ need 2 cm (>1 inch) of height space (see medtronic), no re-charging of the transmitter (see medtronic). The app could also use some aesthetics and usability improvements, etc.
BUT so far, they are the only ones who have managed to do one thing right and that is linking it to a phone and a watch which is what I like the most. The accuracy is also good, despite the fact that I need to prick my fingers at least twice a day.


No doubt. New inserter (button push) is expected out 2nd half of this year. I actually have zero issue with the adhesive but as with everything YDMV.

Dr. Ownby is indeed doing the Senseonics CGM trails in Atlanta. He has already implanted all test subjects and now is awaiting the trail period.