Anyone w/ experience switching warranty on a pump to someone else?

Recently got a 1 year old pump as a donation. When the original owner contacted MiniMed/Medtronic they said it would cost me $495 to switch the warranty over to my name. Seems odd since the pump was paid for and had a warranty that I would think travels w/ the pump. Anyone have experience w/ this same thing…were told something different by MiniMed/Metronic…or another pump company? Thanks:)

Well…came back to f/u on this question because I finally had enough time to hang on the phone for almost 1/2hr w/ MM to get an answer. They told me I had to:

  1. have the person who owned the pump send a letter with all the important info (her name, address, pump model, pump SN number, etc.) and that she is giving it to me (my name, address, etc.)

  2. provide a “donation” of $495.00! Yes…you read correctly…a donation.

  3. send the pump back to MM and they will “check it out and send me a refurbished pump”!

I think I will just keep it and take my chances that I will get better insurance real soon…that will cover a different pump…to which my copay will be less than this “donation” on a pump that has already been paid for. By the way…this pump in question is only 1 year old and the former owner got a Omnipod instead when she switched jobs/insurances.

So, that is the low down on MiniMed/Medtronic’s warranty policy when the owner of the pump changes.

Seems like the policy should change…given the competition and plain stupidity of it:)…no offense to you, Dave.