Warranty on Pump?

My MM Pump warranty will be expiring in October and I was curious to know if I will have to pay the full price for another one or do the pump companies offer a discount? Do most insurance companies cover another one if the one you are using is still in good condition?

Most insurance companies will replace every 4 years (length of warranty) except Medicare which is every 5 years. I have never heard anything about insurance companies considering what condition the out of warranty pump is.
The MM rep was just saying they give a $500 discount if you send them your old pump. Animas has been running a program where you can switch to their system for $200 and they will give you the length of your current warranty or 2 years, whichever is longest.

Ok, thank you! Have a good day!

Do you know if they apply the $500 before or after your insurance pays?

My understanding was that it is AFTER your insurance but I would check on that.

Ok, thanks again!

Some companies will replace the out-of-warranty pump no questions asked, some require something to be wrong with the pump. After any length of time, though, it shouldn’t be hard to find some issue with a pump (shorter battery life, scratches, dings, and other minor issues).

My insurance recently required out of warranty and malfunctioning for replacement.

The pump company will work with your insurance to get paid. Most insurers will cover a new pump as the old one goes out of warranty.

When in doubt, as your insurer. Better yet, as the pump company to ask the insurer. They know the magic words.


I was told you can upgrade to the new pump and if you trade the old one in you get credit for it. After that you can upgrade for a couple hundred dollars. My pump is old and I did not check into getting a new one. It malfunctioned on me while I had the flu and it did not turn out well. Call the MM people and see what they can do for you. I am going on the MM from the Animas and the people I have talked to see really helpful.

I had to come up with approximently $2000 for my pump after insurance and I was concerned that when I upgraded that I would need to come up with another $2000. Glad to hear it won’t be that much again!

I guess this is new for MM too. It would be best to call the rep and ask them. They always try try to keep up with each other. I was going to stay with Animas for that program but MM rep said they have the same thing going.

If you do not use one of their deals (like the $200 Animas as above) or upgrade to a new pump when yours is still in warranty (like MM “pathway” program) then it will cost the same amount as long as your insurance is the same and they have not changed their deductible amount etc.

It may be more cost effective for you to use something like MM pathway program. They usually base the cost of upgrade on how long ago you got your last pump. Obviously the longer you have had the pump the more it will cost to use their “Pathway” program. I know I have seen what the breakdown of those costs are on the MM web page.

I’m in Canada … I think here (and I haven’t checked lately) that only 2 insurance companies cover pumps … Manulife and Sunlife. Some provinces have a program that cover most of the cost if your extended carrier does not. But as far as I know it’s a 1 pump per lifetime policy … which means if your pump is out of warranty (like mine) and it quits, you’re hooped and would have to pay full purchase price for a new one. Am I wrong??? Please someone let me know if I am!

Shirleyann …please add at least one more insurance company to your Canadian list : Pacific Blue Cross …we are retirees here in this household ; both Hubby and I have a plan with them ( his is the better coverage one …thanks to his then employer ) …PBC through the work of my Specialist and Medtronic have made it possible to have my well over 3 year out of warranty 522 pump upgraded to a Veo .I was unable to download CareLink ( was told by a MM help line person , that my pump " was corrupted" …everything else worked…hanging on the phone and doing the trouble shooting was worth it ) . In other words :our plan does allow for replacements pumps .
PS I invite you to have a look at the recent Canadian group discussion : advocating for pumps for those adults , who do NOT have insurance pump coverage . The poster , BJ , posted this on FB as well…
Apologies to Sportster…I did not mean to hi-jack your discussion .!!!

Usually the upgrade programs are targeting folks still under their warranty. If you are out of warranty the pump companies expect you to buy at the current retail price less a possible trade in for your old pump.

MM Pathway will allow you to upgrade from a 522 or 722 to the new Revel for $400. However, you keep the same warranty. You will have a newer pump (possibly refurnished), but still no warranty beyond October.