Anyone waterproof a Tandem?

I have Animas Ping, and depending on the circumstance it can see a lot of water time. If I am swimming laps for an hour, i’ll take it off. But as an example I did a swim/run event recently that took me four hours over 10 miles of running and two miles of swimming. I didn’t want to disconnect that long, so I had a small pocket in my shorts that held my Ping, which was delivering 60% of basal during the event.

I am looking to get a new pump, this one is 4+ years old, and I like a lot of what Tandem offers in the X2, but i’m afraid Water resistant for 3 feet for 30 minutes won’t cut it… (coincidentally, I think water got in my Ping, which caused some corrosion and is now responsible for it ‘acting up’ lately).

Anyway, has anyone found a solution to water proofing their Tandem? Even temporarily? can I rubber cement or hot glue the charging port just for races? Are there cases that’ll accomplish that?

Thanks for any feedback!


I’ve never done it but I might try something like the
ewa-marine DUS range of waterproof pouches with an added
ewa-marine cable exit
Here’s a link but I’m not sure if tudiabetes allows/ deletes links

Have you looked at Omnipod instead?

My son swims in a team and that is what he now uses.

This is what I’ve used with my tslim. Works pretty well. I’ve never had any issues with it. Sometimes I take off the belt, put the whole pouch in a sock, and put that in my bra. I also put a couple of these in for good measure.


Pricey option! but thank you for the info!

@westofPecos - I haven’t looked too much at Insulet - other reasons why that was eliminated from new pump choice.

@Ahenrietta - great option, good price! Thanks.