Waterproof container for my pump


I am doing my first olympic distance triathlon soon and would like to take my pump with me during the swim. I have done shorter triathlons before and have left it in the transition area and plugged myself back in once I finish swimming with no problems. However, as this is a new distance I want to be prepared in case anything goes wrong as I could end up a long way away from my pump. - My concern is if I had to stop because of something going wrong and was put in a recovery boat for a while I want my insulin with me.

I have an Accu Chek spirit pump which isn’t guaranteed waterproof so I was wondering if anyone uses waterproof bags or mp3 cases? I have had a look but most of them don’t have a way to let the tubing out. Are there other options? I haven’t wanted to “test” how waterproof the pump is but it might be absolutely fine to cover in lake water?

What do other people do? Once I have finished swimming and am back to cycling and running it can just go into my top like normal.

I will enjoy(??) the triathlon a lot more if I know I have prepared as well as I can before hand.



This is the only waterproof bag with a pass thru for tubing I have found.Made by Aquapac: http://www.casesbysource.com/product/aquapac-connected-electronics-case-aqua-554 Kind of expensive but might be worth it for you. Maybe if you keep doing these triathlons you would want to get an Omnipod? Good luck

Animas Ping is also waterproof. I’ve gone swimming with it often. I know --not an immediate answer because you just can’t change pumps but good information to have when you are ready for a new one. Here are a few options for the pump you have now:http://www.diabetesandmore.com/%2FWaterproof-Cases-C142.aspx If you are unhooking anyway and just want to make sure you have the insulin if you get in a recovery boat - you may not need to have something to feed the tubing through. Something to keep the pump dry until you get to wherever you need it might suffice.

Accu-Chek Spirit is tested to be waterproof for 60 minutes at maximum 2,5 meters of water depth.

You need to replace battery cover periodically (every 3 months or so) to maintain waterproofness.



The same stands for Accu-Chek Spirit Combo- pump:

Water Tightness IPX 8—Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water under standardized conditions (≤ 60 minutes and ≤ 2.5 meters [8 feet])


Or you can use Aquapac: