Pizza I love you but I hate what you do to my blood sugar. That is all

Ditto…I feel your pain!

Enough said. Thankfully, I’m not fond of pizza.

Pizza is evil. It should have horns & a pitchfork.

Like many of my exes and just as hard to resist. 180 4 hours after eating 15 units.

Hope it doesn’t get higher. No food is worth how pizza effects us. I just eat the toppings, or make a low carb version. The stuff is evil!

I’m good now not my happy 75-85 range but good

180 4 hours after eating 15 units.

Well, that’s where your problem is. Rumour has it that you are supposed to bolus the 15 units, not eat it. :wink:
I like the double cheese.

Can I be evil and point out that a slice of Domino’s thin crust pizza is only 16g carb?

That is not very high-carb by any standard.

I know it is hard to have just one slice - and they are cut quite small too. I usually have two. So 32g carb in total - still tolerable. My coping strategy is to surround myself with greedy pizza-lovers who eat fast. So by the time I’m thinking about a third slice, the pizza is all gone.

LOL oops forgot a comma

Lila, the carbs aren’t the problem for most people. Its the fact that pizza digests slowly and unpredictably because of the high fat and protein content.

Usually bolus a half hour after eating pizza or other high fat food(ice cream). Today I wasn’t thinking and shoot up before my meal. Also have been experimenting with splitting my bolus which has worked the past few times and lets me factor in that extra slice or bread stick

I am with you on this Gerri, I can easily eat a whole pie myself, but I only eat the toppings. I actually have a recipe for my own home made “Pizza Pie Pie” a pizza made without a nasty carby crust, but a tasty meaty crust all formed “pretty” in a pie pan:

Brian’s Evil Crustless Pizza

1 lb ground sausage

1 lb italian sausage (hot if desired)

1/2 lb sliced pepperoni

italian seasoning

1 1/2 spaghetti sauce

1 lb mozarella cheese

Mash the ground sausage into the bottom of a 12" fry pan in an even layer and brown throughly on both sides. I use a small cup to roll out the sausage into a smooth even layer. That is the crust. Brown the sausage crust on both sides and remove and place in bottom of pie container. Slice italian sausage into thin rounds and brown thoroughly in fry pan, drain and blot out remaining fat on paper towels. In a bowl mix browned sausage, pepperon, sauce, seasoning and half the cheese and pour into pie. Cook in 350 deg oven for fifteen minutes covered in foil. Then uncover sprinkle on remainder on cheese, and cook for another fifteen minutes. If you like more crusty cheese, you can turn up the oven to 400 deg for the last part of the cooking.

Nutrition: (Don’t read this) Totals (remember it makes more than 8 servings) 5500 calories, 450g fat, 350g protein and 35g carbs.

This is filling. I’ve never been able to eat more than half of it at a sitting.

ps. I recommend you bolus for half the protein with an extended or square wave bolus. In my little twisted part of the world, this is a totally “Bolus Worthy” Pizza Pie Pie.

pps. Did I mention that I follow a low carb diet?

Before D days, I used to eat an entire pizza & cold pizza for breakfast. Those were the days!

I’ve been experimenting with a low carb crust using almond flour, coconut flour, vital wheat gluten, oat fiber, ground chia seeds, olive oil & yeast. Not bad & still working on getting the proportions right so it’s not so heavy.

Brian’s not low fat pizza sounds great! Will ty that. Here’s another. .

4 oz cream cheese, softened
3 eggs
1/3 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese (fresh, not the powdered stuff)
1 TBS chives
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp basil
1 tsp or more granulated garlic (more flavor than garlic powder)
2 cups shredded cheese (mozzarella & mild cheddar)

Beat together eggs & cream cheese until smooth.
Add cream, Parmesan cheese, herbs & garlic.
Put mozzarella/cheddar mix in a 9x13 glass baking dish.
Pour egg mixture over cheese.
Bake for 25-30 minutes at 375.

Add toppings (sauce, shredded mozarella, parmesan, oregano, etc.) & bake about 5 minutes until cheese melts. Let stand 5 minutes before cutting.

For enire crust: 11.7 carbs, 149.6 grams fat, 92.5 grams protein, 1754 calories. Toppings not included.

Awesome Gerri!!!

I think our work is done here.

Smiles. I’ll let you know if my experiment with low carb dough yields anything passable. Hoping more of the vital wheat gluten will make it more elastic & thin & less leaden. I’m a thin crust fan.

I feel the same way about bread and the person who invented it. Whoever invented bread of any kind - I hate you! :stuck_out_tongue: