Low Carb Food- Your FAV?

Cheese has to be most high on my list. What is yours?

Brian's Pizza Pie Pie

1 lb ground sausage
1 lb italian sausage (hot if desired)
1/2 lb sliced pepperoni
italian seasoning
1 1/2 c spaghetti sauce
1 lb mozarella cheese

Mash the ground sausage into the bottom of a 12" cast fry pan in an even layer and brown thoroughly on both sides. I use a small cup to roll out the sausage into a smooth even layer. That is the crust. Brown the sausage crust on both sides and remove and place in bottom of pie dish. Slice italian sausage into thin rounds and brown thoroughly in fry pan, drain and blot out remaining fat on paper towels. In a bowl mix browned sausage, pepperon, sauce, seasoning and half the cheese and pour into pie. Cook in 350 deg oven for fifteen minutes covered in foil. Then uncover sprinkle on remainder on cheese, and cook for another fifteen minutes. If you like more crusty cheese, you can turn up the oven to 400 deg for the last part of the cooking.

Nutrition: (Don't read this) Totals (remember it makes more than 8 servings) 5500 calories, 450g fat, 350g protein and 35g carbs.

This is filling. I've never been able to eat more than half of it at a sitting.

ps. I recommend you bolus for half the protein and use an extended or square wave bolus. In my little twisted part of the world, this is a totally "Bolus Worthy" Pizza Pie Pie.

pps. If you throw out the extra fat when browning the sausage you might not have 450g of fat. I keep the fat in it.

btw this recipe from brian looks like a low carbers dream.

I would have to say cheese, I eat some everyday and have no problems with my lipids.

Some of mine are cheese, raw veggies, raw nuts and various others. I have also found a lot of low carb crunchy snacks at wholefoods- some seem to be ok, some are problematic and seem to spike me- I'm never really sure what is going on to be honest though.

Rib-eye steak. :-)

Lol…was totally gonna post ribeye^^^

cheese( all types); nuts,

That is totally loaded in every way- protein

That would give me heartburn for sure...but nice to see creativity :-)

It is a wonder food I think!

I am partial to filet mignon. :-)


I love a fresh fruit with cheese too! Some grapes or strawberries are always welcome.

I know what you mean! I eat breakfast cereal with very little milk and my glucose spikes bigtime. I eat oatmeal and it may spike but seems to be slower. Maybe it is the fiber--don't know. I love grazing foods like a few raw baby carrots, almonds and peanuts and such.

I am really surprised no one has mentioned Bacon.

I eat vegie bacon or vegie sausage with my eggs and they help to make my breakfast feel a bit more substantial than just eggs without adding carb heavy things like potatoes or bread.

I don't really have a favorite food because I eat really varied foods especially for dinner. But I've been making a lot of recipes with phyllo lately because it fulfills that desire for things with "crusts" while keeping carbs low. I made Spinach and feta turnovers today for a Mediterranean lunch for my writer's group. I also made Dolmas and enjoyed one myself - probably the first time I've had rice in a few years. My blood sugar survived that small amount of rice very nicely. (Also served olives, grapes, cherry tomatoes and hummus with pita chips for guests and a fork for me!)

Cheese, nuts, sausages of all types, steak, chicken(sorry gotta be fried, got burned out on the other types),carrots.

ooooo, chorizo!!!!! MMmmmmmm. Haven't had that in years. In fact I haven't had any real good Mexican food in a long while. Talking about Pork rinds I haven't seen in a bit but did pick up a huge jar of Pork Skins from Sams Club last week. Wife and I enjoy those once in a while. I had a few of them but wife really has put a dent in that sucker. :)

We have a saying in our house: Bacon makes everything better. In fact, it reminds me of a funny story and recent discovery. I was traveling with my family and the hotel had a breakfast buffet. When we checked out, I prepared myself a coffee to go and my wife took another coffee cup and filled it with bacon. She put it in the cup holder in our car next to my coffee and it was a phenomenal road trip snack. Much better tasting and safer than chips.