Anyone with a new Cozmo pump and Abbott CGM?

We just signed the 4 yr contract 2 months before they told us Cozmo was being terminated. Bummer. Saw the new MM pump and CGM that are actually talking to each other. Wonder how good is this? Anyone know if Abbott might buyout the Cozmo so we dont have to wait and wait for a combo CGM to reallly talk to each other like MM?

I didn’t think the Minimed Veo was out in USA yet or are you in Europe?

Sorry I’m not really as up to speed as the others on this website on gadgets (I have the Dexcom Seven Plus) but I thought Cozmo was made by Abbott (who also makes Navigator). I originally tried to get the Navigator CGMS and at the time it was on backorder (actually the backorder had been going on for 2 months and it was their second backorder issue/problem) therefore, I immediately went to getting the Dexcom Seven Plus as I didn’t want to wait for Navigator. I’ve been really happy with Dexcom (especially their Customer Service).

I’ve also read that Dexcom Seven Plus and the Animas Pump (by Lifescan/Johnson & Johnson who also makes One Touch glucometers) will have a new gadget out in 2010 (? or later?). You might also want to ask the Animas Insulin Pump people about this.

Hopefully someone else can answer your questions better than I can.

Hi there. CThe Cozmo pump is made by Deltec and the Navigator CGM is made by Abbott. Hoping maybe Abbott might consider buyinig out Cozmoa and then incorporate the two together. Today MM announced their CGM now talks to the pump and adjusts it. THat is just so cool. We are worried that we will sit for 4 yrs now on this brand new pump and wait while eveyrone is able to use the new combination pump/CGM. Really pissed off that the Deltec Cozmo was sold to us and weeks later they announced dropping the sale of the pumps. Oh well life just sits for 4 more years waiting. My son is not crazy about the CGM because the tape around the transmitter pulls on his skin so he does not wnat to use it at all. Later

I read on the OmniPod site that OmniPod has a special program for Cozmo pumpers to get an OmniPod for very cheap. You might check that out, if for no other reason than to have a backup pump. I think OmniPod is currently working with DexCom, but who knows how long it will be before they actually have a working product?

hi there
my name is odessa brown,and i am on the mm pump and cgms,it is wonderful,very easy to use.i change my site q4days and charge the transmitter between changing for about an hour before i put another sensor in.i think you will be very happy with mm pump and cgms.i have had my cgms for 2yrs now and i am very happy.hope this little info will be helpful.good luck

Hi there ODessa. I think the CGMS is so good but your CGM does not talk to the pump and send it the value and your pump sends the correct amount of insuline into your body? Correct? It sends the value and you have to do say yes to the new adjustment bolus? Would love to know when you find out from MM that they will upgrade your CGM to talk to your pump. I saw yesterday on ABC about the CMG and pump talking. If i had known that this was going to happen so darn fast i would have jumped ship from Cozmo but of course i did not know Cozmo was shutting down 1 month later. MM will only give us 2 yrs on our new 4 yr warranty. I cant do that to my son so i am waiting to find out if someone will buy out Deltec Cozmo. Hoping they will then work more with Abbot and the Navigator CGM. Peter

Hi Carolyn. Yep i am just waiting to find out if somone will buy out Cozmo since the pump companies dont want to honor our 4 yr warranties and look to be only offering 2. Dont have the extra money for an extra pump. 3 kids and one in college. 12 yr old son is the one that could benefit so nicely from just one site and not 2. He really hates the CGM adn that is a bummer.

No, Abbott is unlikely to buy Cozmo, though they may incorporate some of the Cozmo technologies into their next project. Abbott was approved to go to “pre-market” development this spring for an integrated system called the Abbott Freestyle Aviator, which is a pump that will communicate with the Navigator.

I was on the Cozmo for eight months before they announced their exit from the market. I decided to make the switch to Omnipod for their $50 switchover fee. They let me keep my in-warranty Cozmo and I still have nearly six months of supplies, so I feel like it will be a great back-up if I ever need it. (I loved my Cozmo.) But the pod is great and uses Freestyle strips and their CoPilot software. I can upload my Omnipod PDM data AND my Navigator data to CoPilot and see it all graphed out in front of me. I haven’t regretted making the switch at all.

Though Omnipod has announced that they’ll be partnering with Dexcom first, the primary reason for that has been that Dex has a much better relationship with the FDA than Abbott and will likely get their projects out faster and with less bumps in the road. That’s also in part why Animas is partnering with Dexcom.

I was on the Minimed Paradigm system before they integrated their CGM. In my experience talking to people on their CGM, though it does have the value of being a fully integrated system, their CGM sensors seem to be the least accurate and most painful of the three on the market. That’s just my two cents. If you’re loving your Navigator, you’re likely to see the Aviator and Omnipod integrated systems come out to communicate with them (or at least have integrated data) over the next few years. I hope so, at least.

Animas will honor your existing warranty in full with trade-in. Minimed will offer you 2 years with trade-in. Omnipod will allow you to keep your in-warranty Cozmo and give you a new system with a full warranty.

I have read of the MM Veo on sale in Europe but my understanding was that the while the CGM and pump interface the only action that the CGM can make the pump take is to shut off the basal when BG is low. It is not getting the BG and bolusing to correct automatically.

I had a cozmo and got my $50 omnipod deal and love them. I think that there will be a relationship with Abbott eventually as well as Dexcom according to news reports. The big question mark is the new pod pump that MM is going to put out early next year and if it will be more reliable than opod and already talk to the MM CGMS. I am resisting MM because I feel that my Navigator is the most reliable CGS out and it is a godsend for me. Insertions are easy and the sensors can last longer that the 5 day time if you tell it you removed the sensor and then just reattach the transmitter to the same sensor. I do not mind the 10 hour callibration time because I feel that my reading are always spot on the same as a finger stick
Good luck to everyone as life is making major changes in the technology available and hope we all can get the timing right for the dream system we each want. Glad there are so many options.

Hi Paula. Have you tried the Navigator on the back of your arm yet? I cant get my son to try it. He will only use it on his stomach but he really hates it because the tape pulls on his skin so much. We need to try it again and see if this other tape we have will pull less on his stomach. We are kind of on hold here waiting to see if anyone decides to buy out the Cozmo pumping systems. It just seems too good for no one to do nothing with it. There are so many people that love it. My 12 yr old goes through insulin so quickly and the larger 300 resorvoir is the most of any pump company out there. Is it true that Abbott is not investing future work on the Navigator at all? How much are your CGM sensors costing you? We pay $35 each. Thanks. Peter

I pay a copay of 83 dollars a month. I am lucky with insurance. I do get the sensors to last longer that the 5 days by carefully disconecting the transmitter without dislodging the sensor and then reattaching the transmitter at the auto off time. You have to go thru another 10 hour calibration period but you would otherwise. I can get easily another 4 days before I start receiving “sensor errors” but I find they continue to be as accurate as in the first days. I have not used the Navigator on my arm. preferring my stomach, but have used my omnipod on my upper arm. I sort of hurt when infusing, and is not my favorite. Lots of people love their arms for the sensor, and I will try it out eventually. I am using my lower back below the waist of my pants for my o pod and love that as a sight. good luck. Hope this is some help.

I use the back of my arms exclusively.

Melissa, do you find the CGM sensors to feel heavy at all? My son does not want to try it but it sounds like a lot of people like it on the arm. Is it like running wtih an IPOD wrapped around your arm maybe? He does not like the CGM on his tummy because the tape pulls on his skin. The tape that goes over the the sensor. Do you put tape on your sensor on your arm also?

I cannot feel it at all on my arm (except for the short sting at the initial insertion). Sometimes I have to reach back to feel which arm I have it on, actually! The only time I have had problems with it is if the edge of the tape is too close to the inner armpit (where it’s likely to peel up or redden my tender skin there) or if I do it more on the side, right into the muscle by accident (makes for an uncomfortable five day wear, but it’s do-able). But on the back of my arm, I completely forget about it.

On my upper stomach area, personally, I feel like it makes driving and slouching uncomfortable. And my lower abdomen is off limits because I pumped for almost a decade there and have so much scar tissue that I’m prone to irritation. I also find that my pants rub at it more, but I do use it occasionally when I want to give my arms a break or if I know I’m going to want to wear sleeveless formalwear in the next five days.

I don’t use the overbandage anywhere on my body. Sometimes I’ll cut some little strips of tegaderm to put around the edges if it starts to peel up before day 5, but I don’t like how bulky it all feels with tape over the whole unit. I feel like I’m saran wrapped.

I compare the weight of the whole unit to a mostly empty box of matches. Tape one to the back of your arm for a day and see how cumbersome you find it. That’s likely what he’ll feel.

This is a follow up on using the arm. I did try my navigator sensor on my upper arm and loved it…no discomfort, readings very accurate thought this is fabulous…then I took a shower and after drying off found the sensor and transmitter on the floor, did not even feel it. I guess that is a lesson for future, but it did not feel heavy at all and it is so thin that I did not feel I bumped into things with it as I sometimes do with my pod. I will definitely try my arm again and be more careful when toweling off after shower.

Thanks Paula. I do hope they can make these sensors smaller and smaller over time. Of course the idea is to only have one sensor and not one for the pump and one for the CGM also. I told my son that we are going to try the back of the arm. He doesnt want to but i told him all of you guys had been saying that it works great on the back of the arm. I am guessing we are going to put on some tape over the sensor to help it in staying on and not falling off.

I always approach the idea of one insertion point with skepticism though. The area if your skin that’s recieving the insulin would necessarily have skewed results for your blood sugar - which is why all current devices suggest having them several inches apart. I look forward to seeing what companies come out with in the future, but for now, I would prefer the precision of an alternate location for blood sugar monitoring.

Yep Mellisa your probably correct but try telling that to a 12 yr old boy who doesnt like one insertion yet two. I expect that Minimed will be the first to do it somehow.

What i really want to see more research is for the finger scans like temperature. I know they are working on it so you guys dont have to keep popping your fingers so much and can just put a small scanner cup on your fingers and get your sugar value. Wow wouldnt that be so nice. Just think how everyone was shocked that someone could get a temp value off this little device yrs ago. Now its expected. I have not seen much at all about work being done on this.


I have heard that Coban is great for wrapping around arm sticks to itself and keeps sensor or pod in place. Maybe worth a try because it is not tape sticking to skin which to me gets itchy the longer it is on. Think it is sold in drug stores Good luck