So I was doing a little research on this whole CGM business after three separate friends of mine and about 5 people on here told me that Deltec and Animas's units were close to production. I refused to believe that a company who had no trials and no interest in doing a CGM would tell their people to tell customers that it was within four months from public market.

Well, someone I know who is also a Minimed-er like me passed this info along to me after I told him how crazy I thought this was. He told me that he was navigating the Deltec site and saw that they were in fact promoting a CGM. The only problem was, it wasnt theirs. He said that when you click the CGM link from the Deltec page, it takes you here:

A good page, none the less, but aside from having grossly out dated info, it only had 4 CGMs on it - 2 minimed, 1 abbott, 1 dexcom. Then I saw the name - "Navigator." How could I not have put two and two together??? The CGM Deltec was promoting was the Abbott stand alone that has been in FDA approval for the last 2 years. I couldnt believe they had their own, and I was right. Sneaky sneaky Mr. Deltec rep.

Then I started looking around the Animas site, and realized the CGM they were promoting was the same one! I was kind of shocked, but not as shocked as when my main Animas guy tried to defend the two device system for a single patient. He said it was better because you wouldnt have to worry about losing both devices if one failed. I thought that was a good way to try to say that they are sorry they couldnt get them to work together. They have also posted a news release on Yahoo! business to the same degree as the Omnipod one, and this one could be integrated into the pump. I still dont think its a good idea to count on these two, especially having to deal with two companies, but its better than nothing in their case.

So, basically, if you want a CGM on a Cozmo or a 2020, you are going to have to wear two different devices or wait until at least 2010 (in Animas' case), 2012 if you want insurance coverage. That would make me really angry. Especially when I saw the actual sensor that Abbott was developing. Does anyone else think it looks like a zippo lighter on your arm? Thats really big! Plus a 10 hour start up time before you can get going? Ugh, that is way too long considering Medtronic and Dexcom are at 2 and 2-6 hours respectively.

Also, for kicks, here is Abbott's site - leaves a lot to the imaginiation, dont it?

Four months? That sounds like crazy talk. They dont even have a price for it yet!

EDIT: More unsettling news!!

Just thought this all was kind of interesting, and I this is my favorite new place to sound off.

They say the Navigator Unit is much larger because the accuracy is much improved from both the Dexcom and Paradigm system.

Also both Omnipod and Animas announced this month that they are both in an open arrangement with Dexcom that will premier in 2009. Sounds like those will indeed be integrated into the pump unlike the Cozmo.

I was wondering what your take is on the software in the different pumps that does the blous and correction calculations. I’m researching pumps right now, and it seems like from John Walsh’s perspective the most accurate is the Deltec. It also has a hypo manager. Animas came in next and Omnipod/ Minimed came in last. Apparently it only subtracts BOB from correction boluses and not from a later regular bolus (if two or more previous boluses are still in play.) Hope that makes sense.

Also, is it true with the minimed there is a separate tubing for when you are using the sensor. I read there was, and that it got pretty costly to use in addition to the price of the sensors.

Sorry there are so many questions. This is my first look into a pump, so I’m trying to be thorough. Thanks!

Bolus calculations are vastly improved on the Medtronic pump. You should be able to get as precise a dose on the Minimed as you would on any other. Luckily most of us dont need THAT precise a dose, but if you do, it shouldnt be a problem. As for the on board insulin, luckily Medtronic has updated their bolus wizard to help you calculate that. Either way, the software is basically identical to the other companies.

My question is why would you wait for Animas and Dexcom to come out with their device when you can have a better one now? The Dexcom start up time is 2-6 hours and it is NOT waterproof. Meaning that when you shower, you gotta make sure it is protected - that is a hassle.

The Medtronic one is smaller, with NO extra wires or tubing. It looks like a mushroom slice on your skin. It is the most discreet of all the CGMs, and as for accuracy, right now my BG is within 5 points of my meter. THAT is great.

Trust me, no matter what the other companies tell you, their CGM will be inferior. 2009 is a guess as to when it will be out, and by then, Medtronic’s will be so far down the road that it will look like coleco vision vs an XBOX. My guess is that the Omnipod/Dexcom compatible will be early 2010, with Animas at late 2010. I have seen their reports. 2009 is a gross mis-estimation.

Honestly, I’m interested in the CGM, but before I invest that kind of money (and extra attachments to my body) I would like there to be better accuracy. The best thing it does right now is track trends. I would probably only use it when my numbers were becoming stubborn, to identify the problem. That shouldn’t happen that often. I’m really new to diabetes, and I’m just now approaching the pump, so I’m trying not to be overwhelmed. Right now my main concern is the pump itself. I’ve also heard the Minimed has bad memory, and can lose your preferences with a battery change. I’m not sure which one is best, but that is why I appreciate everyones opinions, so thank you! I might inquire from you, opinions about how to maneuver my way through my insurance approval too! You seem to really know your way around.

P.S. The biggest problem I had with Minimed, was the local sales rep. SO PUSHY! He actually approached my doctor about me, before I had even said anything to him (the Doc) about looking into a pump! Not sure I want to deal with that.

Definitely drop me a line if you have any problems with insurance. I know my way around. I wouldnt worry about the Local rep, you wont work with them very often. The people you work with are in CA down the road from me, and most of them are very nice. The sales rep probably just wanted to make sure that everything was set up for you if you wanted to go ahead - that is why they go to the doctor. They did that for me, so that when I decided, I didnt have to wait any time for them to get what they needed.

I havent lost settings on my pump with a battery change unless I leave it out for more than 15 mins. That shouldnt be a problem.

Adam and Mandy thanks for the great thread and all the great info. Adam I am having so much trouble with the CGM as you have seen in my posts, but I am not giving up yet. Mandy I have lot of documents to use for insurance coverage if you attempt to get insurance coverage, plus I read a great article about fighting your insurance this weekend I will try to find and post on the site, if I can.

Karen, dont give up. What ever CGM you get is better than nothing. It helps a lot - woke me up last night, had a 60 at about 3 am. Hopefully that isnt a trend that continues!

FYI, the Dexcom transmitter/sensor is waterproof. The receiver is not. I wear the transmitter and sensor when showering and I just leave the receiver nearby. Works for me.

I think right now it’s a toss-up between Dexcom and Medtronic as to which setup takes up less room when worn. I’ve not seen a side by side picture of the two together.

I happen to really like the Dexcom because they seem to be constantly innovating. The next version, in March/April, will allow you to calibrate using any meter.

Yes it’s a pain to carry around two units, but it works well for me.

BTW I do own shares in Dexcom, but I try not to be biased just because of that.

Hey, thanks! That is interesting info. Ill have to update my records.