App updates for diabetes devices?

Since diabetes applications are more and more using our telephones as the device to display diabetes data I am wondering how much time elapses between when telephone systems upgrade and our apps are usable?

I have been investigating various phone apps for diabetes management. This might be pump data, blood sugar data or diet and food data. In most cases there is no information about the lag, but in some cases, the apps says that when the software updates the app may not work for sometime.

This might happen for instance when there is a major update. For instance I use an iphone and the current software is 12.4. Going from 12.1 to 12.2 to 12.3 to 12.4 has been no issue. The might occur when the phone goes from 12.4 to say 13.0. A similar situations might occur with android.

I am wondering this because I was using a freestyle and in the middle of doing so (this happens rarely) I lost data because the freestyle app was not usable for a few days.

So my question, is your device not usable for a period of time when there is a major update? If so how long has it been off line when it has updated?

I am thinking of finding a more stable data platform (Dexcom, Senseonics or one of the newer ones that might be coming) during the next time I have to go off my pump CGM data.

thanks for any input.

I use dexcom with Tandem pump (as receiver and with CIQ), but also use phone app as secondary device. (Also have dexcom receiver from before Tandem pump, and backup if both phone and pump fail getting dexcom data).

I believe Medicare requires purchase of dexcom receiver, which would still work in case of phone app problem (or other secondary pump/device that acts like receiver).

Officially Medicare considers receiver as primary device, phone optional.

I very rarely update my devices but if I do I make sure the update is compatible with my diabetes apps first. You can usually check this by going to the app store and seeing which version it is and it’s compatible operating systems.

I find that Dexcom lags WAY behind on updating their app to the current IOS version. I don’t like waiting to update my phone because updates often involve security patches and the like. I’ve never had an update actually break the app, though I have had Dexcom techs tell me, when I called about having too many bluetooth dropouts, that the unsupported IOS might be at fault.

I don’t know much about Apple and IOS, but as far as Android is concerned there are zero excuses for apps not to be compatible with new Android releases. They offer developer previews before a final Android version is released to the public, specifically so app developers can update their apps for compatibility beforehand.

Of course, some developers don’t care to provide continued support. There’s plenty that are guilty of taking your money then abandoning you… But I don’t think this is as prevalent within popular medical apps. Or even free apps that want to maintain popularity for whatever means they do gather revenue.

Of course, there’s also the problem that certain medical apps specific to devices might require additional FDA clearance for upgrades.

Never had an issue with Dexcom or Tandem related phone OS updates. I use Android.

If I had an issue my fallback for Dexcom would be the Dexcom reciever or Xdrip. Tandem fallback would be the pump itself.

The only thing I’m really careful about is when buying a new phone ensuring it is compatible.

Absolutely no reason the apps shouldn’t work with OS updates as the developers have ample warning of the changes to test and update if needed.