Apple cider vinegar and t1

Has anyone used apple cider vinager to help with there diabetes. Looking for some input. I started about three weeks a go. Lost 4 pounds and my numbers are dropping. I have never had anything work like this. Everything out there is for type 2 not type 1. Is this a good thing. I don’t know about long term. Any help with t1 helps.

I don’t know about weight loss, but a few scientific studies do show some effect at lowering one-hour post-meal rise, and I think Gary Scheiner has talked about this as well. After hearing about this, I did a very unscientific, very informal experiment, eating pancakes with maple syrup two days in a row (oh, the hardship!), the second day drinking 2 tbsp cider vinegar diluted in water beforehand. The first day I rose about 135 mg/dL, and the second day I rose about 35 mg/dL, a dramatic difference. But as I say, it was not a very controlled experiment, and I haven’t got around to repeating it.

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I’ve had some success with Apple cider vinegar as well, in both fasting and postprandial blood sugars. I tried mixing two table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with a cup of water and drinking it with meals and at bedtime. I thought it might get me off of Metformin(i’m now using 1500mg XR at Bedtime) I didn’t form a consistent habit of that yet but, I think i’m going to give it another try.

I’ve just tried it once or twice with diluted apple cider before eating. I remember it working but I was worried about the vinegar’s undermining my dental health.

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