Apple cider vinegar for lower blood sugars?

So I've been reading alot of articles n forums online about acv (apple cider vinegar) helping lower blood sugars.. well i went out n bought some last night n my results have been dramatic with just 24 hours of use. Has anyone else tried this? I take 2 tblsp with 4 oz of water n it makes me have to cut my novolog dose in half at mealtimes

i havent heard of this but will be trying it. will let you know how it works. ta for the info.

I think that it works, I just used a shot glass and had a shot in the morning for a couple of weeks. It seemed to do something but I wasn't organized enough to figure out what it was. It's a great idea to put it up here so the more scientifically oriented crowd can figure out what exactly it does.

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Ive heard its brilliant and use it a lot for salad dressings. Never checked my readings so not sure. Will have to do some research

I been taking it every morning before breakfast. And i took it last night before bed. My bg was 110 this morning!! The lowest it has been in the am for a verrry long time. Yesterday i took it the same way in the morning and my bg didn't go above 140 all day. I'm truly amazed. Although I must add i have been taking a 30 min walk everyday so Im sure this is playing a crucial part too.

p.s. adding stevia or splenda to it will make it much easier to drink. Drink with a straw too. It lessens the flavor and keeps the acid from hitting your teeth and damaging enamel. Thanks for the replies :)

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so you need to drink it brrrr how much do you supposed to drink and how often?

Im going right now to the kitchen to have few spoons :)

I woke up with 3.8 this morning. Really interesting...

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I tried it last night. Flatlined over 12 hours and woke up at 80.

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Wow i didnt think ppl would try it. Im making my concoction right now :) (acv with water and stevia).. It really helps me keep my bg steady all day. so far no negative side effects.

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I use it all the time in salads. Not the 2T:4oz water, but in salad dressing every day.

The acids in vinegar seem to disturb the processing of carbs in the intestine. So yes, it can help to eat some of the forbidden foods. Next time I will try vinegar and licorice - just the thought makes me shudder ;-)

I am just weird...

Today, I took a dose at breakfast and went up and up--highest was 184 3 hours after a lunch I eat daily and do remarkably well. I started out at 77 and cruised all day above 150, with about 30 carbs all day. Now at 100 with a no carb meal.

Thought ACV might help and may try some more.

Hmm, my roommate just bought a bottle of this to use in a recipe she wants to try! Maybe this is fate! But chugging vinegar sounds pretty gross- guess I have to try it and see!

well it is not the best taste in the world but its much easier to drink if u add some stevia to it. I also tried adding sugar free minute maid lemonade to it right now n the taste is now pleasant. Everyone is different but acv has done wonders for my bg readings lately.

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Well I keep hearing good things about this, so have just purchased a couple of litres of it.

I will start doing a 25ml shot in the morning before breakfast and will let you know how I get on!

I agree, drinking it in a small glass of water with a bit of stevia makes the taste much better.

I'm definitely going to get myself some! Some brands are better than others. Thanks for the tip, Niela.

I tried it with water and a straw on Friday and barely managed to choke it down.
Today I added hot water and sweetener ... it tastes like hot apple cider (just don't smell it cuz that vinegar will slap ya right outta that pleasant place)!

Has anyone kept a record of their readings in a spreadsheet or anything. I'm interested in seeing them - I'm just a geek/nerd/stat analysis freak. Stating activity would be helpful as well, or any other changes done once you've started to take acv. Just trying to cover all of the bases.

I've used acv in some of my cooking for some time. I like the taste it gives burger when I brown it. It seems to help with getting the grease content lower as well.