Looking for the perfect all-in-one meter

Hi all,

I’m a loyal user of the One Touch brand of glucose monitoring and, throughout the day, I use my One Touch Mini and Ultra Smart at least 10 times total. Usually, it’s only a minor annoyance. At the gym, though, it’s awful! Having to fish out a test strip from the stupid vial, poke and apply the sample, all while running = not fun and wasted test strips that didn’t fill the whole way.

Since it’s really the fishing out of the test strip that makes my blood boil, I’m on the lookout for a new meter that includes the test strips inside the meter. I know there are a few on the market, so if anyone has any experience with them, I’d love to hear it!

In a fit of self-righteous indignation, I designed my own little contribution to the diabetes care world - a lancet, tester, and strip holder all in one. I don’t know how it would actually work, but I like the idea of it. I can’t figure out how to post the picture, but here’s a link -

I couldn’t get the link to work, but I’ve used the accu-check compact plus. Love the lancing device that is attached and the fact that I didn’t have to load strips. I HATED how loud it was, even when I turned off the beep. More than one person at work commented on the noise of the automated barrel. I go for silence over convenience since I’m still self conscious.

Here’s the link to the file. CLICK

As far as the strips and meter combined, I used the Dex / Breeze 2 series of meters by Bayer for quite some time and liked the convenience of not having to handle strips. This was great for on-the-go testing (in the car, at a restaurant, etc.) where you don’t have the physical space to set up your science experiment. The 10 strip pods were very convenient and with one hand you could turn on the meter and expose the test strip. However, you still need to use a lancing device.

I’m back to the OneTouch products, due to my pump moving to their meter platform. I’ve already dropped or lost several test strips and miss the disc’s from Bayer.

I also use the compact Accu-check. I find it difficult to cope with the noise of the automatic barrel same as Mandy. I get annoyed when I have to test in a lecture. Everyone looks at me. :frowning:

I used to use the One Touch Ultra Smart. But sinceI got 2 new testers, I gave my One Touch to my mum who is worried about being type 2.

sigh… When my Accuchek Plus died on me; they sent a replacement meter… The new one… but you have to dig out the test strips from the vial:( So I got a a couple of freebie meters from doing online surveys… now, I’m stuck with FreestyleLite.
I dont really care for it. It works…ugh meters anyway!
I do like your design for a meter! Wish they could make one that has it all and pen shape too! That would be way cool!
Ya oughta team up and sell the idea!