Easy to Install and Run Xdrip. Step Instructions

Have heard people mention Xdrip a lot. Someone here said, “Compared to Xdrip, the Dexcom app is a toy”. Wouldn’t go that far but I expect to switch to the Xdrip app permanently. A HUGE benefit, I think, as you can extend the life of your sensors and tranmitter without restarting sensors or changing battery in tranmitter (which I have never tried). This is true for the G5, but not sure about the G6.

I am up and running on Xdrip as of today, Much easier than I thought. Anyone should be able to do it. Just a caution, as Xdrip and Dexcom cannot both be installed on your phone at the same time but G5 can run on your receiver while Xdrip is running on your phone. A great chance to see which algorithm produces better readings for you.

Here are the steps I used.

Uninstall Dexcom G5/G6 mobile app on phone.
If you have a watch, uninstall Dexcom app there too.
Install latest version of Xdrip+ on phone. (Xdrip-plus-20190518-14a03a7.apk, currently)
If doesn’t download than allow phone to access unknown sources
Xdrip app will open and you have to sign and agree a couple of times and then
indicate you have a G5 a couple of times. Same with G6, I think.
Put in your transmitter code when asked.
Then it will link to your transmitter and will show it is obtaining readings. When it has
3 readings (about 10-15 minutes) it will be working.
At your leisure go through settings and fool around.
Join a facebook group for Xdrip so you can ask any questions and get answers.

Biggest benefit is you do not have to restart sensors or transmitter. They will last until you stop them because you feel they are no longer accurate. Now I will look for what I expect will be many more benefits and report back in a day or two.

Good luck. I think worth trying!


Great to hear you got it going, @rcarli. Also this, which I couldn’t remember from back when I was using it with a G5:

I’d also echo your caveat about the G6, as I’m pretty sure they’ve successfully locked out 3rd party apps on it, at least at present. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has more info on that.

Do you have a link to the version you downloaded?

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I think you’re right about the G6 but not sure. At least in this instance, G5 might be better since I don’t have a G6 yet. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, rcali. Thats a helpful review. Its nice to see someone incorporate a new technology from the beginning now and again…maybe I will set it up as well.

I was so surprised. It is not a conventional app to get, such as those in Google Play Store, but once you find the app (I have shown current version) and allow your phone to access unknown sources it downloads in seconds. That was my biggest stumbling block.

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I see. I think DrBB wants the link if you still have it. I’ll take a look, too. I glad to hear that its super easy. Thats encouraging!

The current link is in the instructions above for everyone, Xdrip-plus-20190518-14a03a7.apk

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I am currently using xDrip with G6, so not sure what you mean.

Differences with G6, and depending on transmitter version, seem to be impacting sensor restarts, but can still be used with xDrip for initial start.


@rcarli glad you got everything working! @MM1 I think some people are having issues with the newer Firefly transmitters as Dexcom is strenuously trying to lock out Open Source access like XDrip since it affects the revenue stream (and they have the FDA’s blessing) and is potentially a legal liability (whatever!). Also by using Open Source apps, the transmitters don’t “phone home” with systems health data to the Dexcom servers - it definitely makes it harder for Dexcom to track you and your equipment. If I remember the last earnings call correctly, the CEO made mention of that they were working on locking down the system on the transmitter side of the product (then again, I have been wrong before…)

copy that. Sorry, didn’t see it.

Using xDrip with setting for Native mode should report same as dexcom app or receiver. Revenue is impacted when sensors are extended. But without restarting, many will stop using dexcom, or use less.