Apple Watch Face for Dexcom G6

The face I’m using is Infograph Modular.

If others have favorites, I’d love to try them.

Thanks for sharing what works best for you!


I like the one with the planets/solar system. I can set it to display HR at the top, Dexcom at bottom and both are visible to me, but not big enough that anyone else can easily see them, which is my preference.

As a new yoga teacher, I chose the basic Utility face so I could track class time and breath practices easily. I like the simplicity and keep using that face.

I also use Infograph Modular. Since I use everything on that screen every day, I never use other watch faces although I have tried Minnie Mouse and Motion.

Thanks, Laddie, I just synced a Series 7 Apple Watch, and the Infograph Modular face was carried forward to this watch, but when I tap the complication to see Dexcom sensor information, tge watch displays, “Check Dexcom Mobile app on your IPhone”

I’ve done that, but to no avail. If you’ve ever switched watches, do you know of settings that need adjustment?

The old watch is turned off, but might I need to un-pair it, too?

cardamom & SophieCat,

Thanks for your thoughts. I guess the trick is to just try different faces, because each of us want different features to be quickly available.


My Apple Watch died a couple of weeks ago and thus I was unable to unpair it through my phone.

I think my Dexcom app worked quickly on the new Apple Watch 7. I periodically get that message from the Dexcom complication and eventually the app works again. But if it doesn’t for you, I would probably turn off the phone and the watch. Turn back on the phone and open the G6 app and then turn on the watch. And try again.

IMO the G6 app is at best marginal on the watch but I am getting numbers somewhat more reliably on my Series 7 Watch than I was on the 6-year old Series 2 Watch. I also use the calendar app on my watch to display my Dexcom numbers using SugarMate. It is not perfect either but usually one of them gives me a number. Right now both are them are working!

Thanks, Laddie, all that was needed was iOS update. I purchased the phone online, and, believe it or not, it was running iOS 8.1!

I updated the software and everything runs nicely now.

I’m an old Android guy and am still using Google Calendar, even on the Apple watch.

I looked at Apple Calendar events, but can’t figure out how to display Dexcom G6 information on the Calendar app.

Thanks for your help!

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Dang, Laddie, I installed SugarMate on my phone, but my watch refuses to accept that it the app exists in the watch app store. ARGH!

To get your Dexcom numbers through the calendar app, you have to get the SugarMate app on your phone and follow the instructions to add SugarMate to your calendar. The advantage of the calendar app is that it updates constantly while most complications only update every 5 minutes or so.

Thanks, Laddie, I’ll continue to struggle through this.
I’ve enabled SugarMate data sharing with the Calendar app, but how do you view the screenshot you posted above?

I assume that you are following the Apple Watch instructions in the menu bar of the SugarMate app on your phone. And then here is a troubleshooting page:

As I think you have figured out, there is not a SugarMate watch app. It is the calendar app showing the readings.

Good luck! In the past I found SugarMate customer support to be very helpful but I haven’t needed them in several years.

Laddie, I had surgery yesterday to install a fistula in an upper arm. That went very well, and I’ve required absolutely no pain medication.

But, upon installing a new G6 sensor and transmitter, my phone no longer even sees the transmitter, and Dexcom suggested that’s because I’m running iOS 15.4, which has not been approved by Dexcom for use with the G6 system, but that’s what I was running before trying to pair transmitter this afternoon.

Have you run into this issue, or might it be worth opening a new thread?

Thank for all the help you’ve offered!

I have iOS 15.4 and my Dexcom is working fine. It might help to delete the app and reinstall it.

I had interchanged location of a couple digits in the transmitter’s serial number…


Thanks for all this great info folks - I’ll now try to change my watch face to take advantage of my G6. Have to say it’s ironic though, that Apple calls these images “complications”! :slight_smile:

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The term complications comes from the days of mechanical watches. The addition of day and date indications on watch faces were called complications, and I respect Apple’s decision to use the term.

Thanks for the history - interesting. I also respect Apple’s decision to use the term - Steve Job’s fascination with fonts sowed their appreciation of matters aesthetic. It’s still funnily coincidental. The good news is that I got my complication working. :slight_smile:

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