Apple Watch: watch faces for G6

I’ve been switching back and forth between the G6 and the G7 recently.
I’ve always used the Modular Watch Face on my Apple Watch because it allows me to put my Dexcom complication right in the center of the display. I can still do that with the G7 complication, but recently I couldn’t put the G6 complication back in the center, just in the lower middle where it’s very small.
Has anyone else had this experience? Is there any other watch face other than Modular where you can have the Dexcom complication.

I use modular. Due to an issue with the G6 app I have just explained in a separate thread, I had to delete and reinstall the G6 app, which actually gave me the old, larger readings numbers for the first time in months. It might work for you. If you try it, you’ll need your transmitter number and sensor number to complete setup of the re-downloaded app.

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