Do apples make you spike? I can eat a large apple without bolusing. Bananas are another story!!!

No. Apples are a great snack before I go to bed. I don’t eat bananas very often, so I’m not sure. But I love a great banana pudding with vanilla wafers!

Oh, Banana pudding with vanilla wafers are my favorite!

I was reading in the Calorie King book that a large apple (8 oz) is 29 carbs. Everytime I eat an apple I would bolus for it and then end up with a low bg. It took me a while to figure out that that I don’t need to bolus for it.

What is “large”… that’s the true question! Every apple I see in the supermarket is either identified as “large” or “extra large”, with the exception of the bagged ones which are much smaller.

I’m also the type that eats half the core, trying to extract every bit of juicy goodness (and every penny’s worth, too!) from the apple. Others toss a core in the trash with plenty of good fruit on it. Unfortunately, apples are really tough to judge.

An apple has about 30 carbs. So yes, it will. But everybody’s different.

My CDE said a baseball sized apple - pretty small - is 15 carbs. Works for me. If I have huge apples I eat 1/2.

Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to bolus for an apple. I absolutely love apples, especially with a tablespoon of peanut butter to dip them in. However I have to bolus for every bite it seems and then some. Bananas are reserved for when I am hypo or I end up with a bg of over 200 (11.1).

I like eating apples for treating a bg in the 50’s/60’s, I usually end up somewhere between 95 and 115, no spikes.

If I want to eat one at a normal bg level, I’ll have to bolus for it for it sure does raise my bg, though not <200.

What really causes spikes are bananas! And pineapple.

I’m so jealous, I ate a small apple before marching a long parade once and it still shot my BGs through the roof within an hour! I love apples so much so I’d love for them to be a bolus-free food but alas, not meant to be.

Apple divided by 4 = 7 +2=3.5.
I can eat 1/8 apple without spiking. That much apple leaves a lot to get brown. So I buy one, put most of it into a Waldorf salad for 2, then give my husband the bigger 3/4.

Apples and bananas both make me spike. I have to bolus for both. However, like all fruits, the spike is generally short-lived. Most fruits follow a pretty predictable pattern for me. Bread, rice, and pasta is a whole other story…

I can handle an average-sized apple just fine. I love apples, so my problem is that I’ll select a gianormous Fuji apple and convince myself that it is normal-sized. My wishful thinking never works. :frowning:

It also depends on the apple for me, too- lately it seems like everything I eat gives me a spike :slight_smile: But apples have a lot of fiber, which may be why you don’t see as much of a spike with them! I love them- I seriously eat at least one a day (with some peanut butter = lunch! :slight_smile: