Getting on the Pod!

Just visited my Endo's office and I have been approved for the OmniPod and a Dexcom 7 plus! Right now I am at 6+ shots per day and 8 - 10 finger sticks, reducing these numbers are only one positive. My schedule changes a lot and I work with new people all the time, sometimes it is very difficult to keep up with my diabetes management. I can only imagine how this will help. I was surprised when the nurse started talking to me about being approved. This was my first time seeing this nurse (my old one moved offices). I had heard my new nurse with a bit of a hard a_ _ and followed strict guidelines, I figured this visit I'd get chewed out a little for something! But no she thought I was doing great and gave the ok to move ahead. Only a couple hours after my appointment the Dexcom rep contacted me, WOW that was fast! I have all my forms filled out and sent back so that part of the process has begun. I'm hoping the 3 - 4 week window stands, I would love to be hooked up before summer.

I feel great about taking more control and improving my health. I have also increased my exercising and stopped drinking! I know there will be ups and downs with the new systems but I am excited to start something new.

Guess now I will have to join a few groups.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes for you. I want to make the switch, but I’m still not sure how I feel about having something attached to me all the time

Congrats! I bet it will work out just wonderful for you.

My son just started on the Pod 4/20 and life is so much better for him already. There has been a learning process but it is easier than I thought and the support form Omnipod and the Pump instuctor has been awesome. Now we are learning all the extras…loving Temp basal, extended bolus, suspended basal for biking… Good luck w/everything!

OH… and wait until you down load your PDM onto your computer and see all the ways the data can be given to you. You will be amazed at it and love how much it helps you adjust things when needed. My son was a 13 at diagnosis…8.6 the next and now…just before the pod he was 7.0… I am excited to see the control he will have after being on the pod!

I’m in the process of starting on it too! 15 years into this disease I’m ready to have something that helps with my fun lifestyle. I’m very excited to try this new adventure. My newly diagnosed T1 friend swears by it and has pushed me to make the change. You and I have the same shot/test numbers. This will be good for us! LETS DO IT! :slight_smile: