Apps for keeping track of IOB

Does anyone use an iPhone app to track IOB? Although my primary insulin source is my OmniPod Dash, for large boluses (I’m a T2 with poor insulin sensitivity; IC 4.5 and CF 7.5) I inject. I want/need to track my IOB so I don’t stack too much.

Sugarmate is my app of choice for tracking/analysis of BG from Dexcom, but neither extended boluses nor IOB are handled at this time (hoping his deal with Tandem allows for accelerated feature additions). I’m currently using the free version of Jade just for bolus calculations and IOB, but I’m having to manually enter BG and double enter carbs and insulin. During my trial of Jade Pro the BG predictor didn’t work well with my chemistry and $120/year for Dexcom and Apple Health integration is just more than I’m willing to/can pay.

Are there apps out there that I’ve missed? (I’d prefer something that did a more algorithmic calculation of duration instead of a equal fraction per hour).

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Not a direct answer but androidaps and or loop track iob so you dont have to. I know androidaps also works with some of the omnipod units. This assumes you want to use open or closed loop.

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Thanks for the response. I’m on an iPhone. And the Dash, so no looping available. I’m currently using mix of Pod and injections for boluses, hence the need to calculate IOB myself.

Was looking at Spike, but it doesn’t work with the Dexcom since transmitters with 8G and higher serial numbers.

Got it. I believe dash is supported but not by omnipod. It is DIY.

Yeah it would be nice to have an ability with Tandem to add injections to their IOB calculation. I rely fully on Tandem but sometimes do injections because the insulin absorption is normally much faster than via the pump (both because I can use Fiasp for injections but not the pump and because I think the site of the pump starts to get a bit jammed over time).

Sorry I don’t have an answer, but agree that it would be helpful for the pumps to provide a feature that allows us to tell it when we inject.

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I used this I was doing a pump vacation…if this is what you mean, it worked ok…

Thank you. That’s actually Jade. I am using that calculator, but the Dexcom (and Apple Health) integration are only features of the paid version. So I have to manually input info in multiple places.

I’m happy to pay for software, but I think a $120 yearly subscription price is too steep.

I have no idea what it was called when I used it, but I didnt pay that much. Maybe I was in on a beta program??? Sorry! :-0

I have heard some mdi folks use this.

I’d love to see something like that. As far as I’m concerned, IOB using a linear decay is near useless. I set insulin duration lower than the actual active time because I want to know when the majority of the insulin Is out of my system. I understand Tandem’s using a non-linear decay with Control-IQ, but I haven’t upgraded yet, and may not.

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I agree that non-linear decay is the most accurate, I found xDrip and Nightscout to have better IOB decay vs the omnipod PDM.

Keep in mind IOB duration should be 5 to 6 hours. If you are using a lower number, you are not tracking IOB properly and/or basal is not right.

Your options are:

  • Predict BGL, which you tried.
  • Spike (DIY build for iOS) This can also act as a client app for Nightscout
  • Nightscout. Web app for putting all your data in one place. Carbs, insulin, CGM reading, BG readings, notes, exercise, etc. I think a better guide is found here, but you can skip some of the settings since they are Loop specific. There is also an iOS app that’s a container for the web page.

In all case, you have to log your boluses you do from the pod. Extended boluses are not tracked well in any system but the PDM, so you’ll have to make some approximate extra entry for the extended.

Use extended boluses instead of temp basal increases if you want the PDM to track the IOB.

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And, if you are using Dexcom and OmniPod (or Medtronic), the DIY Loop tracks IOB and uploads this info to Nightscout. Android APS (AAPS) does as well. I use Dexcom, OmniPod, DIY Loop, Nightscout, Tidepool, and SugarMate (to display BG on my Mac status bar), xDrip+ and AAPS on Android for viewing all BGs and pump data.