Apps to track diet, blood sugar, etc

Have you found any apps for the iPad that will track diet, meds, efc? I want one that. An also scan bar codes. I have the Atkins app and love it for diet tracking. It scans bar codes, but of course it doesn’t track anything else. I have downloaded several other apps that do what I want except they don’t scan bar codes.

Try my fitness pal, this is the app I use and find it has lots of useful additions.

Hi Ila - I've not found any that gave me all that I want for my iPad nor for my PC, so I've written one for my PC. It's on my website if you're interested.
I'm in a major extension and review of the PC version, hope to have it done in the next month or so and then I am going to work on one for my phone.

Mark, I have My Fitness Pal but I don’t see any choice for BG readings or meds.

That’s great. Will be interested in see it when you get it finished. That is the one for the iPad.

I would be interested more in knowing about your app as well. Please let me know your website details.

My website is at

You may download a version of the software that runs on windows and contains some data to play with. You can add a patient and you're off and running. I'm working on a bunch of extensions, but since this is hobby rather than business, my Grandkids have a higher priority.

Thanks for sharing the link. Will take a look at it soon. Happy playing with the grandkids :)

Try MyNetDiary diabetes app and website at available for IOS and Android. I think it will do what you are asking.

I downloaded MyNetDiary Diabetes recently and found it does nearly everything I need it to do. Previously I had used MyFitnessPal but find MyNetDiary much more useful to me. Now, if only it would exercise for me, life would be perfect! LOL