Android app for diabetes

Just bought a Droid X (excited). Can anyone recommend a good diabetes tracking app for Android?

There’s OnTrack for BG levels, and MyFitnessPal for or calorie counter for diet info. I like MyFitnessPal because it has a crowd-sourced food database, so there are tons of items. If you eat any kind of common supermarket food, you just type in the brand and product name, and chances are someone has added the full nutrition info into the database, so you can just add it to whatever meal you’re eating. calorie counter has a barcode scanner though, which is a nice feature that MFP doesn’t have. MFP also doesn’t have an export function, but I’ve been able to move things into excel easily from the website using the table2clipboard plugin for firefox.

Curious to see what other people recommend here, as i’d like some useful new apps as well.

At risk of sounding like a complete geek, but, barcode scanner? Awesome. I’m finally in the 21st century when it comes to phones!

OnTrack is fantastic. I use it on my HTC Legend running Android 2.0. My GP has been quite impressed by it for a few months now. I print out a list of my sugars, weight, and blood pressure readings to hand her, and then we both take a look at the graphs. Today, I got to try it out on my specialist too, and he was very pleased with it. Love the daily average graphs, and the way it predicts the A1c.

Enjoy your new phone :slight_smile:


Id say OnTrack is the best app. If you want to use something web based our own Holger has which takes your numbers off the web (its a site for phones). This means you can hit it anywhere on phone or pc. So less worries about getting data off the phone only.

I personally, would like to see some integration with the pumps and meters that have wireless communication capabilities. Im still in progress of figuring out which way I want to go. I now use Gdocs and have a spreadsheet laid out. I would like to move to something more automated. I like to be able to speak to my phone. =^)

Off D topic, check out Shazam. Its fricken amazing. It makes me think were in the 22nd century with phones. You play music to the phone, it tags it and tells you the artist and song name. Its fantastic.

To give you all an idea about the Glucosurfer look and feel: just create a link to this URL in your Android phone (without the line breaks):

Your own link would use your own user and password of course. I must admit that it is a minimalistic approach and your feedback is highly appreciated (just send me your comments or a PM).

I also love my DroidX. Best phone I have ever owned.

Calorie Counter is another great app that I have found. It is free, has all sorts of foods, brands, restaurants, etc. included in its database. You can track exercise, menus, weight. Just started using it, but so far so good.

OnTrack , but I don’t like it. Hope to find smthg new soon.
Can anyone recommend me anything else?

I also love Calorie Counter. It has info for most fast food joints, brands, etc. I use it a lot!